329 – Without Ceremony

José Luis and Evelyne wanted to move in together, but José Luis didn’t feel comfortable with leaving his old father alone. It was anyway time to introduce Evelyne to him. Evelyne was certainly an oddity, but she appealed to Lucas’ artistic side, and they hit it off. Actually, José Luis was the one who felt out of place. As usual, his father’s cat, aptly named The Killer, had but one idea in mind: to kill him.


–          She’s great, José! I adore her! Such a charming and ironic sense of humor!

–          Thanks dad, but you know… I think that most of the time, she’s not joking.


“And, huh… who would you feel about living with both of us? We could rent a house and you’d have your own priv…”


“What are you saying? There’s no way an old man like me would want to leave his habits! Go ahead and rent a house. I’m staying right here.”


José Luis knew his father didn’t want to bother them, but it was true he didn’t like his routine to be disrupted. But now, Evelyne had a condition of her own: they were to share a house anyway. With Sacha. “Hey Sacha… What would you say if we lived together with José Luis? Wouldn’t that be fun?” José Luis had come with his suitcase, thinking the case was settled. His face fell: “Evelyne… Didn’t you mention this to him before?”


Sacha didn’t look mad though. “I don’t know… I don’t like him very much. But I can try.”


José Luis felt once again out of place.

–          Evelyne, are you sure it’s ok? Can I stay?

–          You heard Sacha, right? He says he will try to like you.


–          Actually, I think I would like you better if you were married to Evelyne. That way, you cannot leave her or hurt her.

–          Haha… Not that I intend to do any of this, but being married doesn’t…


–          Wait, is that all it takes? Then we can get married right away!

–          Huh…?


–          Let’s do that! Oh, but we have no rings…

–          I have those from my grand-father and grand-mother. Dad said that I could keep them or sell them.

–          Perrrfect! Sacha, you’re the best!


–          Huh, wait… Are you both serious?

–          What, you don’t love Evelyne?

–          Huh, yes but that’s not…

–          Then marry her!


–          Come on, it will reassure him.

–          That’s not really the reason why I want to get married but…


“How can I say no when you look at me with those puppy eyes?”


They insisted that José Luis should kneel.

–          Let me just confirm once again. Are you really absolutely, like totally 100% sure you want to get married that way?

–          Yes. It’s fun.


Oh well…


In that small house, with the dirty dishes still on the table, José Luis and Evelyne got married with Sacha as a witness. And Sacha looked finally relieved, as if he had secured Evelyne’s happiness by himself.


“This must be the weirdest wedding I’ve ever had. Not that I was ever married before.”


“It just hurried things a bit, but we would’ve gotten there in the end, would we?”


–          Hey, it wouldn’t be a real wedding without a proper honeymoon. Don’t you think?

–          Oooh, that sounds delicious! Will you cook it?


“Let me show you how it’s done…”


–          What are you doing to Evelyne?!

–          Don’t enter! DON’T…!!



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