331 – Data Check

–          How are you feeling, Tanya?

–          Perfectly fine. I survived worse.


“If anything, it feels a bit weird to have you analyzing my DNA.” Ty smiled at her comment.


“Who would’ve thought huh? That at our advanced age and given our unique experience, we would still have new things to learn about ourselves!”


“Hey, remember how you were opposed to my relationship with Will? You have to admit that it has given you research materials for a lifetime!”


–          I won’t take it back: it was a bad thing for you!

–          Don’t say that, buddy! You’re about to find out whether I have vampire blood or whatever! You never know!


Eve had accompanied her mother, and Tristan had popped up as well. He always seemed to know where to find her. Cain arrived a bit later and Eve greeted him awkwardly. The atmosphere has been tense between them recently. They had fought over Eloise being submitted to tests, and what Tristan had told her weighed on her mind.


–          Where is Eloise?

–          I… I left her with Ty’s assistant. She’ll be okay.


–          You left her…?! You might as well say that you allowed them to perform tests on her! I told you I didn’t agree!

–          Cain, calm down… you’re wrong.

Tristan crossed his arms and asked Cain: “What makes you immediately jump to the conclusion that she betrayed you?”


“You stay out of this. It’s my daughter we’re talking about! Why are you here anyway?”


“It’s my data they’re using. Isn’t that a good reason for you?”


Cain didn’t want to waste any time in useless discussions. He went for the room where Stella was playing with Eloise, discreetly trying to analyze her reactions.


“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he shouted at her. “Don’t you go near my daughter ever again!”


–          I wasn’t doing anything. We were only playing.

–          Don’t take me for a fool. You were taking notes.


–          Your daughter has strange abilities. Don’t you want to know more about them? I was only trying to help.

–          We don’t need your help. If you ever try that again, I’ll kill you.


“Don’t worry, darling. I won’t let them hurt you.”


As he entered his office with Tanya’s data files, Ty felt suddenly very dizzy.


He fell heavily on the floor.



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