334 – Predators Show Their Teeth

The kids were out and Thomas was about to spend a very enjoyable evening with his wife. Until his phone rang.


“Drat, I have to take that call…”


News were not too good. Thomas knew trouble lay ahead but he didn’t expect it so soon.


The discussion was short but left him in a state of obvious distress.

–          Oh God…

–          Are you alright? Do I have to expect a police visit any time soon?


“No, no! Nothing like that! I told you I wouldn’t get the blame if something bad happened. Well, it has happened but I have to break the news to Yu Wong.”


Thomas was at the gate of the Wong mansion first thing the next morning. He had called ahead to request an interview.


–          So what did you want to see me for so early in the morning?

–          Erm, Miss Wong… I wouldn’t play with Birdie right now if I were you.

–          What is it then?


–          The food you’re manufacturing… a batch got poisoned.

–          Poisoned?

–          Yes, luckily none of them died but some have been really close to, it seems.

–          But who did that?

–          We can’t trace it. That’s all I know, I’m sorry.


–          Wait, but… do you know if the news has spread already?

–          Yes, it has. If I had one piece of advice for you, it would be to communicate very quickly and very clearly with them. I can only imagine but they must think you wanted to get rid of them all along.


Yu was now very uneasy. She tried to call the factory in China but no one there seemed to have any clue what she was talking about.


“They’re all a bunch of imbeciles, Ren. I shouldn’t have trusted them for the start. This is getting out of hand.”


“Oh, it certainly will.” Ren started and felt a chill down his spine. As he turned over, one of them was standing right there.


“Let her come, Ren. There will be more like her and they deserve an explanation.”


The pale girl’s eyes pierced through him: “That’s right, be a good doggie and move aside.” How she had slipped in, Ren couldn’t fathom. He would never get used to their sneaky ways.


–          We deserve an explanation you say? What kind of explanation do you intend to make, I wonder. Someone has clearly tried to kill some of us.

–          That is… a regrettable accident. I am positive it wasn’t done on purpose, there are not many people who know the content of the project.


“An accident? Are you serious?”


“You expect me to believe that? But you see, it doesn’t matter to me who the culprit is. Whoever it is, it only takes one of us to strike him down. We are predators, remember?”


–          Will you listen to me?! My intentions are sincere and it was all an accident. The research is not fully finalized, there are still some hiccups and I will make sure this doesn’t happen again!

–          Too kind of you, my dear! But doesn’t this whole affair prove that things are not as rainbowy as you believe them to be?! We have no place in a human society!


“Then why did you come in the first place, if I may ask?”


“Some of us accepted out of boredom, or as a challenge. For my part… that would be nostalgia.”



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