342 – Revolution

–          Your baby is hungry, officer.

–          Give me a break, will you? Can’t you feed him yourself?


–          What’s eating you?

–          Sorry… I had a rough day at work.


It had been a while since Nadia had felt that way about her job. Young girls were kidnapped all around town, and the culprit left no clue. Only a pool of blood from the victim.


–          That’s gross! Do you think they were killed and buried somewhere?

–          It’s a possibility.

–          It is a serial killer then!

–          It seems it is not just one person. From the looks of it, there might be several of them.


–          You know, Louis… I used to go clubbing a lot when I was young.

–          That’s how we met, remember?

–          Yeah, and… in this case, the main targets are young girls, out late at night. That reminded me of something I had forgotten. There was a night when I had too much to drink, followed a strange man… and then nothing. I woke up at the foot of my building.

–          That was… dangerous.

–          Girls are easily fooled, aren’t they? I could’ve met a serial killer that day, for all I know. I escaped unharmed, I don’t know how. But many girls didn’t have my luck.


The kidnapping case was not only a matter of concern for the police. Yu Wong was more than upset. She clicked her tongue in annoyance as she hung up from her call with the police prefect. “How big is the problem?” Ren asked.


–          Oh Ren… This is serious. They are not happy and they’re making it known. I have a feeling they have started attacking the population.

–          You have set up a special office in case this should happen, haven’t you?


“Yes, but… he’s not up to the task. They immediately see he’s inexperienced. Geez, it’s such a pity de Lalaing rejected the offer… Oooh, what shall I do? I have to call Cain. He has to sort it out, that’s his job.”


And so… “Kidnapping?! Are you kidding?”


“I am very serious, Cain. Now please talk to them and promise them whatever you want. This situation has to stop. The police is on the case already.”


–          Wait, wait, wait… the criminal could be human as well. What makes you think it’s been done by vampires?

–          Oh come on… kidnapping young girls and leaving blood behind? That’s a tell-tale sign!

–          Well, no, it isn’t, if you allow me. We don’t leave blood behind to start with.


“That’s right” a voice said behind his back. Cain spun around to see the red-haired vampire leaning against the office door. “Miss, I have to hang up now. I… have a visitor.”


“So youngling… we meet again” Elliott stated. “Told ya I’d be back if I heard about some weird shit goin’ on. They’re tryin’ to put the blame on us now, ain’t it?”


–          Before getting all worked up, can’t you at least try to understand?! Of course, they’re afraid of us! They don’t know much about us after all!

–          Oh yeah? And here I was thinkin’ I enjoyed some kinda protection! If I’d known I’d be blamed for every fuckin’ murder, I’d have killed one or two humans for the fun for all it mattered!


“I’m not just sayin’. I’m tired of eatin’ their canned, poisoned crap, just to be accused of murder in the end. If ya’re still on their side, then ya’re standing on our way.”


–          Don’t… don’t do that. You’ll screw up your chances.

–          Ha! What chances?


“There never were chances to begin with! I’ll rip that Wong chick before ya can but bat an eyelid!” A cold voice replied to Elliott’s threat: “Oh really? I’d like to see you try.”


Elliott turned to face the new comer. He scanned him from head to foot.

–          Who’re ya?

–          One of us who still believes in our chances.


“You’d better not mess with me” Tristan said warningly. Elliott had grown quiet and looked away. He had had the time to assess his opponent.


Finally, he chuckled to himself: “I know better than to mess with the likes of you. Youngling, ya’re lucky this one is on your side.”


Elliott left without further ado. Cain gritted his teeth and tried to calm himself down. Had Tristan not stepped in, he knew he would have been no match. “Why are you here?” he almost barked. “Do news travel that fast?” – “You forget that some of us have mind-reading abilities. We feel the hostile atmosphere.”


–          *sighing* Right… I never was any good at that. I’ll… I’ll try to speak to Yu Wong again. Convince her that she’d better look among the humans.

–          Tell her that, whatever the truth is, she should avoid touching a raw nerve right now.


Tristan sat on the sofa and Cain collapsed next to him, sighing again.

–          What do you think of all this?

–          Hmm… I don’t know. It’s complicated, isn’t it?



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