346 – White Pupils

It was Eloise’s birthday and Eve had invited Tristan to drop by.

–          Thank you so much for coming!

–          Thank you for inviting me.


Cain didn’t like the familiar way Tristan behaved around Eve. But he was indebted to him for having stoop up for him in front of Elliott. So he kept quiet.


Besides he was too happy his little lamb would grow up to become a big girl to spoil the day with bad thoughts.


And so, little Eloise aged up, with the same white glowing eyes.


“Congratulations honey! You’re so beautiful!”


Then Tristan offered his congratulations as well.


But something changed in Eloise’s gaze as she looked up at him. She didn’t say anything and simply stared at him. Right into his soul.


Tristan knew by now how to close his heart to mind-readers. But he felt strangely unsettled by Eloise’s silent stare. “It can’t be… She’s too young, she couldn’t comprehend… Could she?


The flicker of a smile appeared then died on Eloise’s lips as she continued to pierce through him with her white pupils.


The next moment, she was a child again, jumping into her father’s outstretched arms.



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