349 – First Kiss

Nathaniel and Risa had become addicted to emailing each other, or chatting for hours on end.


Nathaniel had explained that he didn’t go to school since he was taking online university courses. He couldn’t tell her the whole truth about him, but saying his family was in “business” didn’t feel like a complete lie. She had told him how she had never known her father, he had replied that he barely knew his. They both had someone that somehow filled the gap. The understanding between them was so sudden that they felt the need to see each other again. Nathaniel suggested to come and see her one evening. She promised to wait for him near her front door. As he looked at her running to him with a smile on her face, Nathaniel felt suddenly very nervous.


She was as beautiful as he’d remembered and he was for a moment rendered speechless.


Risa shook him out of his reverie and took his hand: “What are you doing? Get down or my mom will see you!”


–          Is your mom that strict?

–          Not really, but I’d rather not have to explain who you are. Oh look, you can see the Great Bear from here.


That last comment made him smile and relaxed him. Yes, this was the dreamy girl he had been discussing with so much lately.


–          I’m glad I came.

–          Hm? I’m glad you’re here too.


They silently contemplated the night sky for a few minutes.

–          After all, we’ve already talked so much. What is there left to say?

–          Do you think we’ve said it all?


She bent closer to his ear to whisper: “It would be sad if it were true, wouldn’t it?”


As she walked back with him to the sidewalk, he suddenly turned to her saying: “You’re right. I wouldn’t like that at all if I couldn’t discuss with you anymore.” Risa felt her heart race as he moved closer to her, taking her hands into his. “But more than anything, I want to be able to see you as much as possible.”


“I… I’d like that too…”


Both had the same sinking sensation, the same weakness around the knees, the same indifference for anything else except that moment.


The same reluctance to stop.


“I’ll be back soon.”


Stealing one last kiss from her, he ran away into the night.



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