355 – Heart To Heart

–          Sandy, I’ve been very patient but I’ve had enough!

–          About what?


“We’re still living with your friend! When are we going to start a family of our own? I understand you wanted to stay to help her with her little girl, but Risa is almost a grown-up now!”


“Right… It’s probably time we start looking for a house. Sorry it has taken so long.”


Risa was indeed almost a grown-up, with a love life of her own. “You’re sick? Are you alright?”


“It’s nothing serious. But I can’t come tonight, I’m stuck in bed. Yeah, I miss you too. I wanted to see you so bad.”


Nathaniel hated lying to her. But how else could he explain to Risa the real reason behind his absence?


“Hey, kid. Put some clothes on, you need to get some fresh air.”


–          I would like you… to try to understand your father.

–          That’s a tough assignment.


–          It’s not as hard as you think it is. Actually, you look a lot like him. He loves you, but he cannot express it.

–          Are we talking about the same man? I was under the impression that we were talking about my father.


“Nitwit. Fine, feel free to think whatever you want. Maybe someday you’ll find yourself standing in his shoes.”


–          Did I annoy you?

–          No, I just feel a bit restless.


–          Your cigarette…

–          Hm?

–          Can I try?


Nathaniel took off his glasses and stroke a pose.

–          Like this?

–          Yeah, but are you sure it’s ok? I mean, you’ve got a hole in your belly.

–          Thanks for the reminder.


“That’s disgusting!” Nathaniel coughed, then moaned in pain. Sen simply burst out laughing. “Told you!”


“Thanks. I needed this.”


“So I look like my father huh?”


“Maybe without the glasses?”



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