356 – Justice

–          Cain?

–          Good evening, Miss Wong.


–          I have an appointment here with Golzine. He has some important news, I believe.

–          Yes, I know. He told me to be here as well.


–          The kidnappings have stopped. Does he have anything to do with it?

–          That’s probably what Mr. Golzine wants to talk to us about.


Eve and Eloise came in at that moment.

–          Oh, erm… I think you haven’t met Eloise yet?

–          Eloise? Oh, your daughter.


–          Say hi to Miss Wong, sweetie.

–          Hi, Miss Wong!

–          Hello, little girl.


“Do you know who I am? Do you want an autograph of the city’s mayor?”


Eloise simply stared at Yu, half-smilingly and reading her soul.


–          Why is she looking at me like that? Her eyes have such a strange color. Geez, what a creepy child…

–          Sorry, she seems to have very developed mind-reading skills.

–          Mind-reading? What bullocks is that again?


Theo was late. Yu was growing impatient when Sen turned up. “Apologies. He doesn’t have the time to come himself, so he sent me instead.”


–          What do you mean, he ‘doesn’t have the time’! He makes me coming here, and he doesn’t even care to show up?!

–          I’m really sorry, Miss Wong. That’s what he said.


–          For God’s sake, who does he think he is?! Aren’t we good enough for him?!

–          Then again I can only apologize, Miss Wong. But I can tell you everything in his stead. Will you listen to me?


“Mmph.” Yu sank in an armchair without replying, obviously crossed.

–          So what is it then? The kidnappings have stopped, did he do something?

–          Well… yes. It turns out the Hei clan was trying to uncover your existence, and have your race taking the blame for the murders.


This made Yu jump from her seat.

–          What, the Hei clan?!

–          Yes, Miss Wong. I’m sorry, it’s the same ones you asked for help with the manufacturing. They’re the only ones aware of your project.

–          But that’s impossible! They wouldn’t betray me!


“It appears that they have. Maybe you should choose your partners more carefully. It doesn’t matter anyway, we shot their leader.”


“But at least, now we’ve got something to tell the people. All citizens alike.”


“How dare they betray the Wongs?… And I can’t even hand out justice, Golzine took that away from me.”



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