360 – Dreams Against Reality

A little Jessica was born in the Lazlo household. But Basil couldn’t get to be happy about it. He had to work crazy hours as a delivery boy to make both ends meet.


–          You’ll get a job soon, won’t you? She can go to daycare.

–          Oh no, the poor darling! I can’t abandon her like that!


–          Right… Just another excuse.

–          You are heartless. My parents always took care of me themselves.


–          Your parents are loaded Nessie! They had all the time and money in the world!

–          Oh, that’s enough! I only want to take care of my baby, end of story!


“I never wanted this. I wanted to travel and see the world, you know it very well.”


He ran off without saying goodbye.


Jessica began to whine. “Shh, shh… Don’t cry, it’s okay. Daddy is just a little nervous about becoming a father.”


“I had hoped that starting a family would make him appreciate stability…”


“Don’t cry Nessie… It’s gonna be alright.”



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