361 – Congratulations

Chris and Babeth were finally getting married. Anna hugged him affectionately.

–          I sincerely wish you will find your happiness this time.

–          Don’t worry. Babeth will be a wonderful wife.


While Chris was catching up with his old friend Louis…


… his bride was looking for her own old friend.


–          You look splendid.

–          Th… thank you.


An awkward silence followed.

–          Thomas? That’s the part where you are supposed to congratulate me.

–          Is it?


“I’ll do that once I have heard you both say yes.”


Which happened soon enough.


–          So what do you say of my new mother-in-law?

–          She’s got big boobs.

–          Apart from that?

–          She looks ok.


–          Is it over yet? When do we get something to eat?

–          You’re a real jerk…


Adrian was about to follow Seth, but Babeth got inbetween.

–          Adrian?

–          Oh, huh… yes?


“You will always have your room and a place to come back to in our house. I know it’s not easy for you, but I would like us to be more like a family.”



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