364 – Set Up

Gabriel had asked Johan to join him in a café. He was working on his laptop when his best friend arrived.


–          You work too much.

–          Mmh? No, no, I just have to finish that email.


He rapidly finished typing, then closed the lid.

–          Here you go. Done. Anyway, I’m not staying.

–          You asked me to come here, remember?

–          I know. My colleague Veronica should be here any time soon and she’ll keep you company.


“…What is that new scheme?”


“It is high time you meet a girl, don’t you think? Veronica is a very sweet girl, I’m sure you’ll get along.”


–          Screw it, Gabe! I’m not meeting anyone! Will you give me a rest?

–          Sorry, Jo. It’s for your own good, believe me.


“You are as meddlesome as Abby. I’m leaving.”


Too late.

–          Huh… hi?

–          Hi Veronica. This is my friend Johan. He’ll stay with you, I have to go now.


Johan pulled Veronica to the side.

–          Listen, I don’t know what Gabriel told you but it seems like he’s been trying to set us up. I’m sorry, but I won’t play along.

–          Erm, ok… I understand, I guess?

–          Jo, don’t exaggerate. It’s not as bad as it looks, really.


With this, Johan stormed off. “Jo! Wait!”


–          Vero! Sorry sorry sorry sorry! I was sure you’d hit it off!

–          I don’t remember asking you to find a boyfriend for me.

–          Yeah, but you’re both single and I want to find a nice girl like you for him, you know?


“Alright, alright. I suppose you had good intentions.”


–          Of course I had! But Jo… perhaps it’s too early for him…

–          What’s his problem anyway? You made me come all the way here, you might as well explain and buy me a drink.


–          Jo is in love with my sister, you see. He has always been, for as long as I can remember. They’ve always got along like two peas in a pod.

–          And he’s not with her?

–          He’s never said anything. Actually he’s in complete denial. He somehow got into his head that he’s not worthy of her.


“And now she’s going to get married to some other guy she barely knows. I’m sure she was waiting for Jo to confess at some point, but because he is such a coward, she probably gave up on him.”


–          And you’re trying to force him into a relationship?

–          Well, to be honest, I was hoping that maybe… it would be like an electroshock to him, see?


–          That he would realize he cannot live without her, and stop the wedding just before she reads her vows? That would be so romantic!

–          Huuh… Not too sure about that.


Johan was back at their apartment where Abby found him collapsed on the table.

–          Johan?

–          What now?


–          What is it? You’re still thinking about Amelia’s wedding?

–          Leave me alone!

–          If it hurts so much, do something about it.

–          Leave me alone, I said!


“You’re a coward. What do you have to lose?”



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