366 – Messenger

Amelia had come to live with Johan and Gabriel in their apartment.


–          What’s that noise?!

–          That would be Abby and your brother. You’ll get used to it…

–          Are you friggin’ kidding me?!


Well, it was mostly Abby.


–          Seriously, can’t you be a little quieter when we make love?!

–          Nope.


But when she was finally spent, Gabriel still had to work.


Veronica was working on the same projects as him, and she was also often online late at night.


Gabriel Leneuf says:

Can’t sleep?

Veronica Del Sol says:


Very funny.

Gabriel Leneuf says:

Are you possibly being ironic?

Veronica Del Sol says:

I am possibly referring to some crazy deadline we have to meet for next week.


In another part of town, a couple was ready to leave for India. “Mom, are you sure you’re going to be ok?”


–          What are you saying, of course I am! Hurry up, I want to see my son in a tuxedo!

–          Actually, I’ll be wearing traditional Indian robes but never mind…



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