368 – A Good Wife

Abby had taken an appointment in a bridal shop and of course insisted that Gabriel should accompany her.


Money was not really an issue and the owner quickly understood it.


“Oh, you’re from the Golzine family? I know the name, of course! It will be an honor to make a dress for you.”


Abby sulked a little bit when Gabriel announced: “My boss is trying to call me, I will leave you ladies to discuss the details.”


Gabriel’s boss had indeed an important request for him. He wanted him to be part of a work group that would go to Italy to restore a basilica.


It was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity but it also meant he had to postpone the wedding.


And now he had to tell Abby so.


Abby wasn’t home yet, but Amelia was cooking dinner and he hazarded a question. “Say… There’s something I have to tell Abby and she won’t be pleased. Would you have any advice for me?”


–          You’re leaving her?

–          No, idiot. What’s with that smile?


–          Whatever you want to say, you know very well that she will only listen to what she wants to hear.

–          True…

–          So, go ahead and tell her. Don’t bother with precautions.


–          What is it you wanna say anyway?

–          I have to go to Italy for one month.

–          Oh…


–          Maybe she’ll be the one who dumps you. You know what they say: out of sight, out of mind.

–          No way?

–          She’ll be angry enough that you have to postpone the wedding.


–          Hey, that’s not my fault, ok? How was I supposed to know…

–          You accepted, didn’t you?


Abby came home quite late.


“Abby, listen… there’s something I’ve got to tell you… It’s, like…”


“Yeah, I know!! I promise you won’t see my wedding dress before the ceremony! But it’s all so exciting!”


“And then I tried at least five of them and I wanted them all! Gabe, you’re so gonna love me in white, it suits me so well! And then…”


–          Abby, could you let me get a word in?

–          Nope.

–          Typical…


“I’m really sorry. But we have to postpone the wedding, I’m going to Italy for a month.”


“… what?”


“I just couldn’t refuse! Don’t be sad… we’ll get married as soon as I’m back, I promise.”


–          That… That’s alright. Being patient and understanding is part of being a good wife, isn’t it?

–          Huh… yeah. I’m glad you take it that way.


–          I’ll be back before you even notice I’m gone.

–          I seriously doubt it.



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