372 – Nostalgia

–          Honey, would you like to go to Jacob’s concert?

–          Sure. What kind of music does he make?

–          *sigh*


Faith thought a jacuzzi might calm down her overly excited daughter.

–          I like this, mum!

–          Glad to hear it.


The relaxing effects of the jacuzzi didn’t seem to work on Penelope who splashed happily around.

–          Will you stop that?!

–          But it tickles!


–          Geez, you’re impossible…

–          You’re the one who should relax, mum. You look tense.


–          If you ever meet the man of your life, never let your pride get in-between. Got that, daughter of mine?

–          Why are you saying that mum?


“You’ll hopefully understand when you get older.”


On his part, Jacob signed autographs…


… and rehearsed for the concert that would take place the same night.


Faith came to see him in his dressing room.

–          Where’s Penelope?

–          In the audience. Good luck, and thanks for the tickets.


He suddenly leaned forward and whispered in her ear: “I miss you sometimes too, but… What happened last night stays between us, right?” She nodded silently.


–          It’s showtime, Faith. You’re staying here?

–          I’m going to watch from the side for a little bit.

–          As you wish.


She watched him from the sideline until her heart had stopped racing, then joined her daughter in the crowd.


She took a walk with Penelope on the way back to the hotel. “Wow… So many lights.”


“Mom… That Jacob… You kissed him last night, right?”


–          Gzyzncbajfhgrw… ! You were spying on us?!

–          That’s alright. I won’t tell dad.


–          That was just… nostalgia, really. It won’t happen again.

–          He was the man of your life, wasn’t he? And your pride got in-between or something.


–          Well… yes, but this was a long time ago.

–          See? I listen to you sometimes!



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