376 – A Place Far Away

Carmen was in a good mood, and she had a good reason: it was her birthday. In a few moments, she’ll be of age.


Things were not going too well between her parents, though. They used every little pretext to start a fight. Like right that moment, as Katelyn had burnt the birthday waffles and Felipe didn’t eat with them but stood muttering in a corner instead.


“Who cares after all… I can do whatever I want now.”


Turning around to see her parents yelling at each other, she declared that she was off to see Seth.


“I won’t let that affect me. I’m going to leave as soon as I can and find a place where I can live with Seth…”


–          Funny how you look the same and different as the same time.

–          Different in a good way, I hope.


–          Of course, in a good way. You’re gorgeous. In fact, you intimidate me.

–          Don’t talk bullshit. I need you now.


“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll get over it.”


–          Carmen?

–          Yes…?


“When I’m of age, I wanna go far away from this dump. So will you come with me?”


“I thought you’d never ask. You like to play hard to get, don’t you?”



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