389 – Away

“It’s over, son! We did it!”


“So, huh… you know, the discussion we had when you hired me? You’re gonna let me buy it then?”


“Haha! Are you out of your mind? You should know by now this baby is worth more than you can ever afford.”


–          What?! You made me help you without even paying me, and now you’re saying I can’t have the car?!

–          Hey, I didn’t promise you anything. You never asked for money either.


–          Screw you! I’m gonna…

–          Calm down! I have thought about it and I have a proposition for you.

–          If it’s another fraud…


“Listen, I fixed that car for my brother who lives in Lucky Palms. He’s the one who bought it. But someone has to drive the car until there.  So I thought about you, son. As a reward, I will teach you how to drive and let you drive a Ferrari to Lucky Palms. Isn’t that a good deal?”


–          You’re not afraid that I’d run away with it?

–          I trust you not to do that.


And so, Seth had his first driving lesson in a 1957 Ferrari.


–          And treat her like a lady, ok? She’s very nervous, so if you don’t, she’ll get out of control before you know what hits you.

–          Sounds very much like someone I know.


Seth was supposed to be of age that evening, but the lesson had taken more time than anticipated. He received a call from his worried aunt: “No! You don’t have to wait for me for dinner. Yeah, yeah, I’m coming home soon, ok?”


And when he finally came home…

–          Happy birthday!

–          I made your favorite lime pie.


“You shouldn’t have bothered…”


“Really? Is that all you have to say?”


Seth hesitated. He had planned on leaving the next morning with Carmen without telling anyone, so that no one could get in their way. But he hadn’t expected his uncle and aunt to celebrate his birthday. He knew he was being ungrateful and this moved him into talking.


“Uncle Martin… I’m leaving tomorrow for Lucky Palms. I’ll try to settle there with Carmen. I will also change my name to take my father’s name.”


–          What…? This is crazy, Seth. Is that all you have found? Taking the name of a criminal? And running away without looking back?

–          I’m not running away. My father might’ve been a criminal, but he’s still my father.

–          Do you even know what you’re going to do over there? With which money will you live?


–          I don’t know, ok?! There’s bound to be a lot of opportunities, unlike this hole of a place! Will you constantly stand in my way?!

–          Fine. Go. You’re right, we shouldn’t have bothered with you at all. You made it clear you didn’t want to be part of our family.


Martin and Seth both left the room by a different door, which they slammed the same way. Anna let them steam off for a little while before she came to find Seth in the backyard. “Here. Have a slice of lime pie.”


–          Thanks.

–          So you’re really going to Lucky Palms?

–          Yeah…


–          Martin didn’t mean what he said earlier. You will always be welcome here.

–          Thank you, aunt Anna.


–          Are you ever going to come back?

–          That’s not my intent.


–          Send us some news from time to time.

–          I will…



And the next day…


–          Are you ready?

–          Is that the car we’re gonna travel with?

–          Cool, eh?



“Carmen! Where are you going?!”


“Sorry mum! I’m off to Lucky Palms! I’ll call you when I get there!”


“… What?…”


–          Know what?

–          Mmh?

–          I took my father’s name. I am now Seth Zay.


But Seth didn’t take the highway immediately.


–          Wait, what are we doing here? Why are you slowing down?

–          There are people you might wanna see before we go.


Daisy and Adrian were waiting for them in front of the detective office.


Daisy had also aged up recently.

–          Never mind Adrian’s sulking face. He’s just sad you’re leaving.

–          Shut up.


–          Daisy! I will miss you so much!

–          I don’t believe you, you had forgotten me already!


–          Don’t listen to Daisy. I don’t give a shit if you’re staying or not.

–          I know.


–          How did your parents react when you told them?

–          I sort of… didn’t tell them?

–          Aouch.


–          Seth?

–          What?

–          She’s a bit of a scatterbrain, so take good care of her, ok?

–          Daisy…


But at the Benavides household…

–          What do you mean ‘she’s gone’?!

–          She went away! She hopped into her boyfriend’s car and all she said is that they were going to Lucky Palms, what more can I say?


“What kind of madness is this?! There is no way she’s going anywhere without my approval! With a man, what’s more!”


“I’ll go and get her, whatever it takes.”



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