399 – Tattoo

Nathaniel folded the newspaper back in annoyance.

–          What the hell?…

–          Nate, are you ready to go jogging?


–          What kind of place is this? There’s nothing but crime and corruption.

–          Isn’t that what your family does?

–          Organized crime and corruption, if you please.


Ivy called him ‘Nate’ now. She had unknowingly found another way to tease him, as everyone had always called him by his full name.


–          Wait a sec. Pretend you’re catching your breath.

–          What is it?

–          Those people over there…


–          That’s Toni Castalo, the man you’re up against.

–          Really?


–          And he’s got two bodyguards and two pitbulls.

–          Is it supposed to scare me?

–          No, it’s supposed to make you laugh.


Castaldo’s headquarters were at the Lucky Simoleon.


“Know your enemy, huh?”


He asked Ivy for as many details as she could gather. But she was only a child then, and her memories were scattered. “Are you planning anything?”


“Would he recognize you if he saw you?”


“Well… I grew up quite a bit! Why are you asking?”


Nathaniel simply planned to go into the lion’s den and see if they could glean interesting information. Ivy looked excited with the idea, but she came to find him on the terrace at home with an embarrassed look on her face.

–          Erm… Nate?

–          What?

–          Remember when you asked me to put on a dress for tonight?

–          And so?


–          Well, this is the closest I’ve got to a dress. Will it do the trick? It’s good enough for my casino…

–          Are you kidding?


–          This is all you have? You never wear any dresses?

–          It’s not comfortable; I’d like to see you try…


“What do wo do…?”


–          A designer, really?

–          There are no other options, Ivy. Stop whining, I’ll pay.


–          What about this one, Miss?

–          It is, huh… very low-cut…

More than the dress, something on Ivy’s back caught Nathaniel’s attention.


She had a tattoo.

–          I don’t feel very comfortable in that one.

–          It’s a pity, it suits you so well!

–          Maybe, but…


“This is much better. Plus, I like the hat.”


–          What do you think, Nate?

–          Ivy…


He suddenly leaned forward and whispered in her ear: “That tattoo… Make sure it’s fully covered, it is very recognizable.”


“R… Right… That makes sense.” Having him so close had made her heart skip a beat somehow. She felt her cheeks burn and she promptly lowered her eyes.



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