408 – Done & Dusted

Penelope had found a horse. “Huh, hello? Is there anyone here?”


“Hey, if no one claims you, you’re mine, what do you say?” But a man came running: “Thank god you’ve found him!”


–          Thank you so much! I tied his bridle too loosely. I’m Marcello.

–          Penelope. Too bad, I was ready to call him mine.


What she said next reminded Marcello painfully of Amelia. “Say, if you have a horse, would you let me ride it?”


A teenage girl asking him to teach her how to ride a horse. Marcello shook off his head: “Sorry but… I don’t think it is a good idea. I don’t really know you and…”


–          Oh, but I’m a very reasonable girl! Do you want a recommendation letter? Seriously, I could get you one.

–          A what?


–          Oh sorry, I forgot I had something important to do right now! I live just nextdoor, could you wait here? I’ll be back in a jiffy!

–          Well, huh… I…


“What is that girl?”


–          Penelope, where were you?! We’re all waiting for you!

–          I know, I know. Yaaaay, aging up! Cooool!




–          Penelope?

–          Sorry, I gotta get back outside!


“Sorry to have kept you waitiiiing!”


–          It… it was your birthday?

–          Yeah! So, what do you say about the horse? You need a letter from my parents or something?


–          You really want to ride huh?

–          Yes, yes!

–          Ok then… but not on that old chap. You would kill him. Come to the equestrian center, I’ll see what I can do.



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