421 – Owner

Toni Castaldo was visiting his numerous casinos in town.

–          Marco! How are you doing?

–          Good, thank you.

–          What about business then?


–          Well, erm… I thought you knew? Didn’t you come because of that?

–          What do you mean?

–          Well, you know? The fact that the land on which this casino is built has been bought?


–          Bought?! By whom?

–          I… It’s a company, I’ve just received a call from the notary. I don’t know who’s behind it. I thought you knew.


–          I don’t know anything about this!! Why didn’t you inform me?!

–          I’ve just been informed myself!

–          Well, you’re going to investigate, and quickly too!


“Don’t go through such trouble.”


“And don’t bother visiting the other casinos. They’re all the same. I bought the land of all of them.”


“You! What are you trying to achieve?”


“I’m sorry, I tend to forget I have to be more detailed in my explanations for you. That means you are now my tenant, owning a few walls on my land.”


“Maybe you should refrain from calling me by my first name from now on. I am your landlord after all.”


Nathaniel had left Ivy saying that when he would be back, she would have the bar in her name again. She was a bit puzzled, but as time passed, she grew a bit restless. Could it be true?


She jumped when she heard the door open.

–          So…?

–          It’s done. It’s only paperwork, really. I feel like I’ve signed my life away.


She began to run towards him.

–          Is this really true, Nate?

–          Well, yes. Just like I told you.


“Then you deserve a reward!”


This turned out to be a little bit more than a simple ‘thank you’ kiss…


A tiny bit longer as well.


“Thank you…”


“You are more than welcome.”


–          You’re working again, isn’t it supposed to be finalized?

–          I’m onto something else.


–          No rest for superheroes, right? Your light’s been on for a long time last night.

–          I could use some sleep though… The superhero is tired.


–          Then why don’t you take a nap? There’s a bed in the corner.

–          Thanks. I think I’ll do that.

–          You have drawn features. Lack of sleep is not good for your complexion, my dear.

–          Keep your beauty tips for yourself.


Ivy let him fall asleep and went to the main room. She smiled to herself as she sat down at the bar. “How can he be a superhero with his frame?”


She was so absorbed in assessing Nathaniel’s musculature that she didn’t pay attention to what was going on behind her back.


When Nathaniel woke up one hour later, he couldn’t find Ivy anywhere.


Just as he was starting to assume she had gone back home, his cellphone rang, showing Ivy’s number.


But it was not her on the other side of the line: “So are you ready to bargain now?”




“Ivy is feeling a bit down because you’re not here. May I suggest that you join the party?”



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