422 – Things Always Come In Threes

–          Do you know how to use a gun?

–          Why do you ask?


–          I lost one of my bodyguards and I need all hands on deck. We’ll soon have a VIP guest to entertain.

–          Nobody will ever replace my brother, Mr. Castaldo. I won’t watch your back, kid, so make sure you don’t get killed.

–          Sounds promising…


–          Who’s the girl?

–          Don’t ask questions.


–          Alright. Not that I care.

–          Shut your hole then.


–          Stay here, I’m gonna check how they’re doing upstairs. I think I heard some noise.

–          Yeah, you do that.


Then a shot. “Argh!”


“You are…”


Nathaniel frowned as he struggled to remember Seth’ face.


The gunshot had alerted Toni Castaldo who came running out of his office, only to find one of his bodyguards down. “How did that…?!”


“Come on, you! Take out your gun! What are you waiting for?!”


Nathaniel clenched his fist: “I won’t hesitate to shoot you if you stand in my way.”


But Seth turned and punched Castaldo. “I don’t obey people who call me ‘you’. My name is Seth.”


–          Ivy! Are you hurt?

–          Nate…?


–          You came…?

–          Of course I came! What did you think?

–          But Castaldo…

–          Castaldo is out. You’re going home with me.


Seth was standing outside the casino, looking a bit confused as to what to do next. Nathaniel begged Ivy to wait and called him.


–          This is now the second time you helped me. Thanks.

–          Yeah, well… I didn’t like the guy anyway.


–          Are you here temporarily?

–          I don’t know for sure. It depends on what I can find.


“Well, if you ever go back to Anne Arbor, come and see me. I may have a job for you.”



2 thoughts on “422 – Things Always Come In Threes

    • You’re right about Seth. However, he has more people around him influencing his life in the right way.
      Nathaniel is definitely nothing like his father. He is much more sensitive. 🙂

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