423 – Let It Be

Ivy had overheard Nathaniel’s discussion with Seth. He had implied that he would go back to his hometown and she had completely forgotten that he wasn’t here to stay. “Ivy? Hello?”


–          What do you want, Superman?

–          You seem a bit off. What’s the matter?


–          Sorry about the whole thing. I was distracted and they took advantage of it.

–          Not a problem.

–          I would have found a way to escape anyway.

–          Maybe but I wouldn’t take the chance. What got you distracted in the first place?


“… I gotta get dinner ready.”


Nathaniel had switched on TV after dinner and as a game was announced, enthusiastically suggested to watch it. Ivy chuckled to herself. “This scene looks disturbingly like my dream…”


–          Sorry, maybe you wanna do something else?

–          You’re annoying. Stop it.

–          Huh?


–          Are you gonna be leaving soon?

–          What makes you say that?

–          You know… what you said earlier.


–          I don’t know yet, my father hasn’t contacted me. Are you so eager to see me gone?

–          Don’t be stupid. I… I’ve gotten used to having you here.


“Know what? I might even feel a wee bit lonely when you’re gone. Hehe…”


“I’ll miss you too.”


“Hey, I’m not gone yet, ok? No need to feel lonely just yet.”


Ivy somehow let go of her inhibitions that night. It had been too long, and she had never been patient. She sneaked into his bedroom in the middle of the night. He yawned: “What do you want? Do you know what time it is?”


The towel fell to the floor. “Oh…”


She climbed onto him. “Ivy, I’m not sure…”


“Don’t think too hard. We don’t owe anything to each other.”


This suited Nathaniel just fine. No need to sort out his thoughts.


 –          Where did you get that scar on your belly?

–          That’s the reason why I’m here.


The night was far from being over. The air was stifling and they could hear a thunderstorm approaching. Ivy got into her head to go for a swim.

–          Skinny-dipping, really?…

–          Come on in! What are you being shy about? I’ve already seen everything there was to see.


But she got him in. “Did you imply that there was not much to see?”




Ivy was making pancakes in the kitchen when Nathaniel came downstairs.

–          Ivy… About last night…

–          Oh geez… I see you coming. You’re about to spoil it all with your good intentions.


–          But we need to talk about it, right? Like, where we want this relationship to go and…

–          See? Why do you want to label it? It’s not a relationship for me and it’s perfectly fine as it is.


–          But… Ivy, I feel guilty! It’s like, you are…

–          You take it too seriously. I don’t care what it looks like, I just know I prefer it that way.



2 thoughts on “423 – Let It Be

  1. She’s lying! Oh boy what a bit of a mess for Nathaniel’s mind. But the girl back home has moved on. He may be better off with Ivy since she accepts him for what he is.

    • Sorry, that might have been confusing! She’s lying to herself. She’s falling in love and doesn’t want to admit it.
      But it’s messy in his mind, that’s for sure, especially since he doesn’t like what he is himself.

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