434 – Awakening

Like he had promised, Cain was back with Eloise and had found a small house at the outskirts of the town. Eloise had a request for her birthday: she wanted her mother to be with them that day. “Please dad? We haven’t seen her since we left Twinbrook.”


“Fine, fine. I got it. I’ll call her.”


Tristan wasn’t too keen to let Eve go. But he didn’t want to risk upsetting her, so he ended up accepting. Eve was overjoyed to see her daughter again.


And Cain did his best to avoid being in the same room.


“Sorry, it’s a fail. That canned food burns easily.”


–          Don’t force yourself if you don’t like it, mum.

–          No, no. It’s alright.

–          Heh. I know you’re good at it but stop lying.


“Pff… and mum is eating it to please him too… He’s so stubborn.”


“Mum! Dad!”



–          Why are you looking at me like that?

–          Well, you know… normally, vampires are fully fledged when they become adults. But with your special abilities, you may very well be precocious.

–          You look okay though. How are you feeling?


“I feel fine, don’t worry. I don’t see any change.”


Pretexting she was going to the toilet, Eloise shut herself up in her bedroom instead. “Liar! You don’t see any change? Are you sure?”


–          Shut up. You’ve always been there… You’re not a change, you’re…

–          A part of you, yes. But don’t you understand that your powers come from me? It’s awakened, Eloise!


“Do you see it now? You are much more powerful than before! You are able to make sense of those things you were merely grazing at when you were a child!”


“Yes… And there’s nothing enjoyable in that. I can control you. I can control myself. So shut your mouth now.”



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