436 – Free Massage

“That’s my father.” Nathaniel’s cellphone was ringing.




Ivy knew what the call meant. Nathaniel had been waiting for it for days.


“When do you want me to leave?”


“No, I can make it… Ok… Bye.”


–          Ivy, that was…

–          Oh please! Serious face again! Stop knitting your brows! Besides, I know what that call was about.


“Come on, talking with your father stressed you out, right? Free massage for you.”


–          I think we know each other enough by now. Please let me know when you take out your gun and try to kill me.

–          Idiot.


–          What are you going to do after I leave?

–          I’ll probably cry for weeks. But then, when I realize you were just a friggin’ daddy’s boy, life will go on. I have a business to ruin and massages to give.


“Is that all there is?”


“You take this all too seriously, Nate. I thought we were clear.”


“Ivy, wait. Whatever you say about my being too serious… is this really ok?”


–          Stop it…

–          No. You stop it. You’re avoiding the questions.


–          Fine: I’ll miss you. Is that what you wanted to hear?

–          Not quite.


–          Are there no other options in your opinion?

–          Let me go… I have to work.



“Ok Nate, you want another option? I leave with you and I’ll be your ‘chick’ to the world’s eyes. No way. I haven’t sunk that low yet.”


“Haha… you’re harsh.”


A thunderstorm had broken out by the time they got home. Ivy watched the rain for a long time. If she was honest with herself, she knew she didn’t have much left in Lucky Palms. She could hire someone to run the bar and who would do a much better job than her. She didn’t know what to do next.


She felt more than heard his presence behind her. “Don’t come creeping in like a cockroach.”


–          Don’t worry. I won’t try to convince you or anything.

–          I hope so. Because I’m about to change my mind.


–          Really? You’re coming with me? That’s wild.

–          Erase that smug smile at once or I stay here.


–          I’ll find a place for me. And a job too.

–          There’s no hurry, we have guestrooms. You can use one of them as long as you need.



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2 thoughts on “436 – Free Massage

  1. Zhippidy Doodah 24/08/2014 at 01:56 Reply

    His Mom will have a hard time with this.

    • Noctie 24/08/2014 at 09:34 Reply

      I think Ange might be happy to meet her son’s girlfriend. 🙂 Plus, the manor is huge, it’s not as if they were exactly living together.

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