441 – Easy As Pie

Although he never refused to go horse-riding with Penelope, Marcello didn’t make any effort for conversation when they were together.


“Hey, I’m the one doing all the talking, and all I get are those terse replies. If you don’t like me, why do you let me use your horse?”


He made his horde turn round and replied without looking at her: “I enjoy riding with you, but I’m not here for useless chit-chat.” Penelope pursed her lips, failing to understand his cold attitude.


But she was not one who would think too hard about the deep meaning of things. She had planned to go to the festival with her friend Claire and that set her in a good mood.




Or was she really as carefree as she looked?

–          Claire, there’s something I’d like to ask you about.

–          Yes?

–          Let’s first buy ice creams. I would kill for an ice cream.


–          So? What did you want to ask me about?

–          Well, you see… It’s about that man I go horse-riding with.


–          A man? Which man?

–          We met by chance and he agreed to lend me his horse. So we go riding together quite often. But that’s not the point.

–          What’s the point then?


“He is really a nice person. But every time I try to make him talk about himself, he shuts down. And then he gets all cold and distant and it takes a while before I can get him back to normal mode. Isn’t it strange?”


–          He’s got something to hide obviously… You should be cautious.

–          He looks so sad too. I’d like to know why he’s like that.

–          How do you know he’s a good person?


“He loves animals. Horses and his old dog. People like that can’t be bad, can they?”


–          Penelope, are you in love?

–          Huh? In love with whom?

–          With that guy.

–          Haha! No way! How did you get such a notion?


–          If you’re not, why would you care so much?

–          I don’t know! And it doesn’t matter why actually. That’s just the way it is.


–          Life’s easy for you, eh?

–          But life is easy, Claire!


At that moment, Claire was working hard to release her first single, “Forget Me Not”.

–          We’ll start a first recording. It’s only a test so don’t worry too much.

–          Okay…


Alain Sedat was taking care of the recording himself this time. He wouldn’t let anyone else but the technician in the room.


And when Claire began to sing…


…the old man was sure he had a hit.



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