447 – Next Heir

–          There you are!

–          Yeah, I was looking for a quiet place to work.


–          I’m going to give you a little heads-up.

–          A heads-up?


–          In a few moments, your father will call you to his office to settle the paperwork.

–          I know that, he told me earlier.


“Right. He may start mentioning your heir.”


–          Excuse me, my what?

–          A child, Nathaniel. He wants to see an heir to the legacy.


–          That’s what I thought I’d heard. I’m already taking over, it should be enough!

–          He… knows there is something between you and Ivy.


“Because you had to tell him… of course. You really are my father’s dog.”


“Through and through. I’m sorry, kid.”


Nathaniel cringed when he saw that Ivy was already sitting in his father’s office.


“Ah, Nathaniel. Sit down, will you?”



He obeyed, looking enquiringly at Ivy while doing so.


She tried to smile in a reassuring way, but couldn’t really hide her nervousness.


“Right. Nathaniel, I’ll give you the documents in a moment. But first, there’s something I’d like to make sure of.”


–          You’ve brought back Ms. Brooks with you. From what she told me, she doesn’t seem to have formed any plan for the future.

–          What does she have to do with anything?


Theo ignored the question and turned to Ivy, who started: “I also seem to understand that there is more than friendship between the two of you. Let me assure you that this is not a problem for me, on the contrary.”


–          I already told you: that is none of your business.

–          I was simply wondering whether she was planning on staying with us, and whether you had any future plans together?


–          What does that imply exactly?!

–          Oh, but there is no rush to provide me with an answer.


–          How dare you meddle with my relationships?! Don’t you have any feelings?

–          I’m sorry, but from what I’ve seen, your precious feelings haven’t been anything but an impediment so far!


–          That’s enough! I’m not your thing to do as you please! Neither is Ivy!

–          I haven’t forced you to do anything. Is the idea of settling down so repulsive to you?


“It’s not something you can order…”


Ivy had remained silent during the whole exchange. But seeing Nathaniel becoming angrier and angrier, she was prompted to speak. “But I wouldn’t mind, Nate…”


–          Wh…? Ivy!

–          It seems like you are the one who’s being insensible here.


“Look, I’ll leave it to you to discuss this. Are you ready to sign now?”


“Hand me those goddamn papers, and let’s get this over with.”




–          Why did you say that…?

–          Because it’s true. I don’t know what to do with myself, so maybe I should just be a mother.


–          Look, I’m really sorry for my father’s behavior. I don’t know what he told you before I came in, but if he has forced you to accept anything…

–          He didn’t. He asked me a bit about my parents. That’s it.


“Nate, it’s up to you. I don’t mind having a child with you…”


–          Ivy… I don’t know if I deserve this.

–          Hey, why the long face? You were right all along! ‘Get married, have children’, remember?


–          You don’t have to…

–          Are you kidding? You were asking yourself why we had sex the other day. Well, there’s the answer.


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