465 – Divorce

Sebastian was drinking. It was not the first time Holly saw him in that state. Recently, he had been demoted from his position as a coach as his team hadn’t got the expected results.


–          How long are you going to be depressed about it? Be a man and stand up, for God’ sake!

–          Fucking leave me alone. You don’t understand anything.


“Maybe you don’t understand your goddamn business, but I know for sure that getting your ass off the sofa and stop drinking would be a better solution!”


–          You could help Drake with his homework for a change!

–          Why should I be doing your job?


–          I knew you’d say that…

–          Then don’t provoke me.

–          I’m sick of all this.


“And what are you going to do? Leave me? You care too much about your reputation.”


“I’ve stopped caring a long time ago. I’m getting a divorce.”



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