467 – Miscellaneous – 11

Stella gave birth to little Jessie. She also reluctantly agreed to live with Alex and his mother.


“I’m glad this is over. Now I can finally focus on my research.”


Louis Simson has turned into an elder.


As well as his old friend Chris Daumillier.


Speaking of which… Chris and Babeth have some plans for their old days. “What do you mean, sail around the world? Aren’t you too old for that already?”


–          Thank you for the reminder, Adrian, but we think now is a good time to travel.

–          And what if you get a heart attack when you’re out at sea, huh? Do you even have an insurance?


–          My heart is perfectly fine, I assure you. It’s not because I have a few grey hairs that…

–          A few? You’re grey alright.

–          Adrian, that doesn’t mean a thing.


–          And how will you get a houseboat? Can you even afford one?

–          We’ll sell the detective office, that’s not a problem.


“But why are you so against the idea? Would you be worried about your dad?”


–          Pfwaah! Worried about him? Worried that he gets into trouble and gets me involved, that’s for sure.

–          I see… Daisy dear, come and sit with us, you’re too far.


–          What do you think of our plan, Daisy?

–          Well… If you’re asking me…


–          I think it is a fantastic idea and that Adrian doesn’t want to show that he’s worried.

–          Pfff… you should’ve stayed where you were if it was to spout nonsense.


“Looks like it’s settled then.”


Another usual night at Mrs. Rosencrantz’. She studying potions.


Bonehilda cleaning up the snakes’ vivarium.


And the cat having a cat blast.



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