469 – Hot Stuff

The receptionist and her friend were discussing the benefits of lip balm, and this was apparently a hot topic. They were interrupted by Nathaniel’s arrival at the desk.


“Hi Maria, anything in the post for me today?”


“Mr. Golzine…! Erm, yes, there was some but I handed everything over to the office manager. You’ll find your post on your desk, I believe.”


“Alright, I’ll pop in upstairs then.”


–          I’m sorry, in the future do you wish for me to keep your post here?

–          No, that’s fine, thank you.

“Idiot…” Ivy muttered under her breath.


As Nathaniel walked away, the two girls started whispering excitedly.


–          Oh my God, is that him?! The one you told me about?!

–          Yes, that’s him! Isn’t he, like, totally hot??

–          You bet!


–          And he’s even remembered my name, can you believe that??

–          And he’s so classy too!


“He’s also very good in bed.”


“Wh… What?”


“Pfff… Bitches.”


–          You have no clue, haven’t you?

–          About what?


–          The receptionist making goo-goo eyes at you.

–          Huh? Where does that come from?


Suddenly, Ivy pressed the emergency button and the lift brutally came to a halt between two floors. “What do you think you’re doing?!”


“Nate, I’ve had enough.”


–          You haven’t touched me since you came back from your little trip. What am I supposed to understand?

–          Ivy, listen…

–          I don’t wanna listen, I want action.


“Just give me some time, ok?… It’s not easy for me either. There are things… I’ve got to put behind to be able to move on.”


–          … It begins to make sense. Did you run into your ex by any chance?

–          Yes.


“Ok… That’s what I suspected then. Just how long were you planning to keep it from me?”


–          Ivy, please… There’s nothing going on between us, not anymore. I only wanted to spare you the…

–          Don’t take me for a fool! You’re all lies, just like the others!


–          I’m not lying!

–          Obviously not! The body can’t lie, huh? That’s why you won’t touch me!


–          If you were honest to yourself, you’d just admit it: you still have feelings for her!

–          But I’m ready to admit it! That doesn’t mean that I don’t love you!


–          What did you just say…?

–          A double negation. It means that I love you.


–          Gosh, you’re a sly one. If I didn’t know you like I do, I’d say you’re lying again.

–          But you believe me, right?


“I really want to believe you…”


–          Hang on, ‘Mr. Golzine’. If you really love me like you pretend to, then why don’t you make love to me?

–          Like, now?

–          See anything else to do while we’re stuck in here?


“Alright then.”



–          Nate… I was joking.

–          Too bad. I wasn’t.



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