474 – Announcement

Ivy had been emptying her bowels the whole morning. “This doesn’t bode well… I have a feeling I must check on something.”


Nathaniel had been told that she was ill, and indeed she was lying in her own bed that evening, which was not at all like her. If she needed a bed, she’d use Nathaniel’s.


He laughed when he saw her sick face.

–          Can’t say you’re faking with a face like that!

–          Oh shut up. It’s all your fault.


–          My fault? How can it be my fault that you’re sick?

–          You can’t take a hint, can you? It’s maybe too early to say for sure, but I think I’m pregnant, dumbass.


–          Wow… I mean, wow. That’s some big news.

–          Don’t worship me just yet, I still have to make sure of it. Keep it to yourself.


–          Just let me know then. And I’ll start the adoration rite.

–          I can already tell you abstinence is not part of my religion.


–          Erm, Ivy?

–          What?


–          Seriously, do you think it dates back from the lift?

–          Why, do you want to call it ‘Elevator’ in remembrance?

–          I’m just thinking that the entire history of its conception could very well have been recorded by a security camera.


–          You’re joking, right?

–          Absolutely not.

–          And you only think about that now?!


As soon as Ivy was out of her bath, she felt nauseous again. “Is the idea so repulsive to you?”


–          I did away with the recording a while ago, Ivy. You seriously believed me?

–          You’re an asshole…


–          I can walk, put me down.

–          Says the one who was staggering to get to the door.


–          I know you’re a stranger to this bed, but I hope you’ll find it comfortable nevertheless.

–          Geez, if I have to put up with your sarcasm for the whole duration of my pregnancy, I’d rather have an abortion right now.




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