475 – Dad

It had started to snow, it was early in the morning, and Gabriel barely paid attention to the teenager who was sitting in front of the office building.


But he got up as he noticed Gabriel, and seemed hesitant to call after him. What he eventually blurted out forced Gabriel to look round.




–          Did you just call me ‘dad’?

–          Yes. Aren’t you Mr. Leneuf?

–          I am, but I’m afraid there must be some mistake. Come in, it’s freezing here.


–          Right. Why do you think I’m your dad?

–          Because 15 years ago, you had an affair with my mom, Céleste Duval.


–          What, Céleste?! She’s your mother?!

–          So you know her…


–          But… that doesn’t make sense! We had a teenage fling for two weeks, how does she know that it’s me??

–          She says she’s always known it was you. She’s never wanted to tell you, though, because she didn’t want to create trouble for you.


–          Oh my God, that sounds awfully like her… If this is true… If I made a child with Céleste…

–          Two, actually.


–          What?!

–          I have a twin sister. But I came here on my own, she didn’t want to meet you.

–         OH FUCK!


“Oookay… What’s your name, kid?”






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