496 – What’s in a Name

A little girl added to the Golzine mansion.


–          Congratulations Ivy, she’s perfect. Have you decided on a name?

–          Yes. She is Sam.


–          A boy’s name?

–          You don’t like it?

–          Oh yes! It’s cute but…


–          … it’s cute but I wish you’d discuss it with me before, you know? Why not give her a normal girl’s name?

–          Oh come on, Nate… Just because you’re the father, you think you have your say?


–          I remind you that this little babe here is your heiress. I thought it might be a bit safer that she’s not immediately identified as a girl. At least in her name.

–          If she’s anything like you, I really don’t think her name will matter much as far as self-assertion is concerned…


–          I won’t change my mind, so too bad for you if you don’t like it.

–          Oh I like it, don’t be mistaken.

–          Then prove it: it’s time for Sammy’s bottle.


–          So it’s Sammy now? You’re not afraid of an identity crisis?

–          Shut up and work.


–          Seriously though… What’s that about ‘not being immediately identified as a girl’? Where does that notion come from?

–          You don’t know what it’s like to be a girl in that world, Nate. I’d rather stack all the odds in her favor.

–          Now who’s being conventional?


–          I’m being realistic! As absurd as it might sound to you, it is a man’s world. And most of them have a poor opinion of women, believe me.

–          So what, do you intend to raise her as a boy as well?


–          You’re bullshitting me.

–          Well, yeah. You asked for it.


–          You know, she’ll have a boyfriend someday. And she’ll be doing things with him.

–          Over my dead body. No boyfriend. That will be my number one rule.


“Don’t worry, I’ll explain how the pill works.”



2 thoughts on “496 – What’s in a Name

  1. I understand Ivy’s reasoning for giving their daughter a unisex name, and for all it’s worth I love it.

    I enjoyed the lighthearted banter between the new parents, they are so cute together.

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