503 – New Soul

Emily left home for SU and was lucky enough to find a flatmate at the new students welcome meeting.


Her name was Tabitha Attaway and she also studied fine arts. They got along immediately.


They shared the ground floor of a small house in a residential area. Emily loved her courses and would spend hours bent over her sketchbook just for practice.


She soon took the habit of hanging her sketches all over the place.


Tabitha was more the street artist type.


She was a member of a discussion group consisting mostly of rebels who had their own views about society and how it should be run.


It was through the intermediary of Tabitha that Emily met Nick Bellamy, the group leader.


Noah’s arrival to SU was less glamorous.


“Erm… hello?”


Although the TV was on, there was nobody in the relaxation area.


He finally ran into someone as he was wandering through the corridors.

–          You’re looking for something?

–          Yeah, human beings you know? There’s no one around here.


“Oh, you’re one of the new guys? You’re late, most of the rooms have been allocated and now they’ve gone to the welcome party. I’m one of the floor heads. Come with me, I’ll show you what’s left.”


–          ‘What’s left’? Do I get a cupboard or what?

–          Rooms are all the same, it’s more about who you get as a roommate. I hope you’re not picky.


“Top floor, buddy. That’s good exercise.”


–          Mike… Come here a sec. This is your new roommate, what’s-his-name.

–          Noah.

–          Yeah, Noah.


–          Did you tell him that I work at night and that I sleep during the day?

–          Erm, no. He’s just arrived and…


–          Ok, so here’s the thing. Either you can adjust to my schedule or you’re outta here. How does that sound?

–          It sounds like I understand why you’re not at the party with the others.


–          Just stay on your side of the room and you won’t get into trouble, got that? And maybe if you don’t make any noise, I’ll let you live your zombie life. Now stop talking to me, I’m already tired of you.

–          … what?!

–          Hey…


–          You’re the new one here, and I’m the one deciding how…

–          You won’t decide anything for me. Just try and see what happens to your face.

–          Not a good start, guys. Try to get along, okay?


–          *sighing* Aaanyways… Noah, this would be your bed.

–          Bunk beds? Cool, feels just like home.


–          Hey, can we bring girls here?

–          Girls? No, of course not. This is a boys dormitory.


“Never mind then.”


Although his roommate hated him, Noah got along with a few other boys from the dormitory, including Warner, the floor head.


–          If you lose this time, you have to gulp all of them down.

–          I know.


–          You were thirsty man?

–          Shut the fuck up…



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