505 – Fire

–          Thank you for coming all the way here to celebrate together Drake’s birthday.

–          Hmph.

–          Dad! You’ve got white hair like Santa Claus!


–          I didn’t even know you had white hair and you’re my dad. I guess that means I don’t see you enough.

–          I know, Drake. We’ll try to arrange a family meeting more often.


–          You’re gonna make a fire?

–          Yes, it is still cold outside you see?


“Need help?” Holly was actually surprised. She had always assumed Sebastian would never manage it on his own, but he had bought a house, seems to look after it properly and now he was even cooking.


“No, thanks. Go and sit at the table with Drake. It will be ready in a minute.”


–          Wow. You even managed to make it edible.

–          It’s not much though.

–          Stop making a fuss. I’m actually impressed.

–          Mum, dad? Don’t you think there is a smell of burning? Not from what dad cooked but…


… from the living room.

–          Why do you even light a fire if you don’t know how to take care of it?!

–          Shut up, Holly! Call the firefighters!


–          Dad!!

–          Gimme that fire extinguisher, you good-for-nothing! You’ve only managed to set yourself on fire!


The rest was put out by the firefighters.


As for Sebastian, well… “Are you okay? You’re not hurt?”


–          Leave me alone, I don’t want your pity! I know I can’t do a thing on my own!

–          That’s… not what I was going to say…


“I’d like to make sure you’re alright. So go clean yourself, I’ll wait with Drake.”


–          You look okay.

–          Of course I’m okay. I’m a former athlete, I’m made of tougher stuff.


“You know… You’ve actually impressed me tonight. And not only because you cooked. The Sebastian that I know would have run away in front of the fire. You have tried to put it out by yourself. You’ve even given me orders.”


“To be honest, I was thinking about Drake… and you, all along.”


“Erm, mom? Dad? Where are you? I’m…”


–          … aging up.

–          I haven’t seen my son age up and that’s your fault!

–          My fault?!



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