507 – Someone I Know

“You’re doing all the work by yourself, you know.”


–          Sorry, which part would you like to do?

–          I’m very tempted to say none. I should’ve kept my mouth shut.

–          That’s what I thought.


–          Oh alright, just hand me the encycl… huh?

–          Emily?


–          Noah?

–          You were just joking when you said I’d pose for you, weren’t you? It was very cruel of you, making fun of me as if…

–          Stop whining, I’ve had other priorities, that’s all.


–          So can we set a date?

–          Geez… I’ll contact you when I need you, how about that? Now go away, we’re working in case you hadn’t noticed.

–          ‘When you need me’. I like the sound of that.


–          You’re very obstinate, you know that?

–          That’s why girls dig me.


–          Obstinate and arrogant.

–          Awww… what the hell did I do to deserve such a treatment?

–          You know very well.


–          You do look pretty arrogant though.

–          What did you just say, you green head bitch?!


–          Leave my friend alone! Now go and get lost, we have work to do!

–          Ok, ok… Don’t get mad at me.


–          You said there was something about me that you couldn’t like. Is it still true?…

–          I’m glad your memory is suddenly back. From what I see, my statement still holds.


–          But I’m surprised you remember what I told you that day.

–          It’s always been at the back of my mind.


–          But I haven’t given up yet, Emily baby. Tattooed hippie or not.

–          Yeah, you’re sort of obstinate. I know.

–          I’ll be in touch.


–          How do you know each other exactly if I may ask?

–          Sorry Tabitha, he’s someone I know from high school.

–          ‘Someone you know’?


–          Yeah, I’m nothing more than that, you see.  And it wasn’t from lack of trying.

–          Huh-huh.


–          Did you use to date him?

–          Are you kidding? He forced me to kiss him once, that was more than enough.


–          He’s been obsessed with me since then. He probably couldn’t stand to be turned down or something.

–          He’s quite good-looking though. You’ve never tried to give him a chance?

–          And give him what he wants? Thanks but no thanks.


At the end of the day, they usually joined Nick and others at their usual hang-out.


–          Hey baby…

–          Don’t call me like that.


“Can I spend the night at your place tonight?”



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