525 – Sushi

Jeremy’s birthday was the opportunity for the family to go to the restaurant. Louis didn’t like sushi and thought it was uselessly expensive.


–          Why is dad in such a bad mood?

–          Never mind him, honey. You know he’s always been stingy. Have you thought up a career yet?


–          I thought I could start with athletics at the stadium.

–          What about the police, like I told you? Physical training is also important.


–          You know how the lad is a fan of the Angry Dwarves. Why don’t you leave him a chance?

–          Yeah well, erm… he could be a fan of the police force.


–          And you get so little for that price… Besides, I don’t like raw fish.

–          You’re starting to get on my nerve, Louis.

–          Erm, mum, dad?


–          (Louis & Nadia) What?

–          It’s… doing its thing to me now.


Here comes YA version of pea-brained Jeremy Simson.



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