536 – Pandora Box

Risa had an appointment that night.
And that was obviously not a part of town in which she was used to set foot.
To be on the safe side, she chose to sit near the exit and bravely tried to order a drink.
– Miss Parsons?
– Yes, and you must be… ‘J.’?
“I am. Thank you for coming all the way here.”
– I hope you’ll forgive me for not using my real name. It’s just that… I happen to know a few things that some people probably wouldn’t like to go public.
– I understand.
– Now, I say ‘some people’ but I am still in doubt about their real identity.
– Your letter mentioned… ‘creatures’? That was very intriguing. Why use that term?
“Because… Excuse me, shall we order first? I’d prefer us not to look at each other while we talk.”
– I really appreciate that you are willing to listen to me. All the other newspapers turned me down. Which is why… I hope you won’t freak out if I tell you that there are beings that are… out of this world.
– Out of this world? You mean, supernatural?
– … Yes.
– You’ve got to admit it is hard to believe. Do you have any proof?
– I don’t. But… I come from the underworld. I’ve… seen things.
– The underworld you say?
– That’s besides the point. It’s not what spurred me into contacting the media.
– What is it then?
– … I believe the government is involved.
“Ok, tell me all about it.”
It was late when Risa left the bar. “Hey, Blondie.”
– What are you going to do? Write an article about supernatural creatures? Think that will sell?
– Were you listening? This has nothing to do with you, so please do not meddle.
– You don’t even know if that man was telling the truth.
– That’s why I’ll investigate. Now if you’ll excuse me…
The woman moved with such speed that Risa didn’t even see her coming. “Look at me, doll. Do you have any idea what a Pandora box is about?”
– What are you doing?! Let me go!
– Heed my word. Forget you ever met that man.
Risa’s mind was a bit fogged and she briefly wondered if it was because she was feeling embarrassed or because of alcohol. She remembered the man has mentioned the underworld and that made her think of Nathaniel. Through the clouds of her meandering mind, she clung to her initial thought and tried to regain composure. “Whatever… you say. I will investigate…”
“Stubborn, aren’t you? Oh well… do as you please. Like you said, it has nothing to do with me after all.”


2 thoughts on “536 – Pandora Box

  1. I don’t like the compulsion at the end of this update, but maybe it’s for the best. I have a feeling if Risa pursues this story she’ll be in way over her head, and since she hasn’t talked to Nate in a while, she doesn’t seem to have powerful friends on her side to help clean up the mess when the shit hits the fan. Yes, I’m with the evil, pretty vampire lady on this one, Risa should walk away from this story, it could get very dangerous for her family.

    • Things are slowly beginning to get into place. I’m not sure if that was clear here, but Risa is somehow connecting this with Nate and that accounts for her stubbornness (that, and the fact that the vampire lady couldn’t quite manage to make her forget her meeting).

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