543 – Digging


–          He’s eating well.

–          He’s eating alone, that’s my point.


–          I know what you’re thinking, Eve. But wouldn’t you be a very bad mother if you just ran and abandoned your offspring, now would you?

–          I knew you’d try to make me feel guilty.


“But I’ve got another child in case you had forgotten. A daughter from whom I’ve been separated for way too long. That was the deal, Tristan. Once Hugo doesn’t need me anymore, I’m free.”


“Is that it? You’re going to just leave him? Eloise is an adult by now, and he’s still a baby.”


–          This must be a very bad joke! You’ve used me to have a child, you’ve forced me to stay away from my family and now you want me to play mom and dad with you?!

–          Don’t you even love your own son?

–          I’ve already told you: I have very mixed feelings towards him and it’s entirely your fault!


The doorbell rang in the distance. “We’ll continue that discussion later.”


An unknown young woman was standing at the door.


–          I’m sorry to disturb you. I’m Risa Parsons from the Daily Mail.

–          My, a newspaper? How can I help you?


“I’ve come across your name after a long investigation. You see, I’m looking into a governmental project whose goal seems to invite people like you to live in our city. Did you come here upon Mayor Yu Wong’s special invitation?”


–          People… like me?

–          Yes, the project seems only focused on the wealthy. But there might have been other criteria. What were those?


–          I’m afraid I can’t help. I have no idea what you mean. Was that project confidential by any chance?

–          Most probably. It is extremely difficult to get information. What is your relationship with Yu Wong? Your name is not unknown at the city hall.


–          Like any other citizen, I have to go to the city hall from time to time, haven’t I?

–          You are from French origin. Is there a reason that attracted you here?


–          Personal reasons. I’m sorry Miss, but you’re on the wrong track. Can you please leave?

–          I’m sorry that it’s uncomfortable for you. But I want to know: the government is hiding something from us, you see?


–          I can’t help.

–          Alright… I understand. I’m sorry for disturbing you.


–          This is bad…

–          What happened? Who was it?


“I was only a matter of time, but the media got wind of Yu Wong’s inviting weird people in the city. And now of course they’re convinced there’s more to it, so they’ll start digging in our status soon enough.”


–          Does Cain know?

–          I have no idea, but he’d better be warned. The wolf has left the city for whatever reason, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an uproar.

–          I’ve got to tell him and Eloise about this.


–          I want you to stay here until I’ve checked on the situation. Then I’ll let you see Eloise.

–          … Fine.



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