544 – Of Course

Tristan wouldn’t waste any time. The sun had barely set when he asked for admittance at the Golzine estate.


–          What do you want?

–          My name is Tristan de Lalaing. I’d like to see Mr. Golzine on a very confidential and very urgent matter.

–          Tch. It’s always confidential and urgent. Don’t think you’re the only one. Wanna see the father or the son?


–          I only wish to see Mr. Theo Golzine in person. Tell him I still remember the taste of his blood. He’ll understand.

–          Weirdo.


–          The taste of my blood, eh? Wasn’t it a tad too dramatic?

–          But true nevertheless.


–          You look serious, is there something troubling you?

–          The media. They’ve found out about Yu Wong’s scheme. Or at least they’re close to.


–          Oh you meant business, that wasn’t a charity visit to an old man then. You are probably not aware that my son has taken over?

–          Your son? Does he…?

–          He knows everything he needs to know. He’s not home yet though, you may have to wait.


“Don’t worry, I can wait. My kind is very patient. But you already know that of course.”


–          Sen, can you please keep our guest company? Don’t leave him unattended.

–          Will do.


–          Why are you staring at me?

–          You haven’t changed one bit in all those years. You gotta admire the vampire quality.


When Nathaniel came home, he found his father waiting for him in the hall. “Come with me” Theo said briskly.


–          We’ve got a guest.

–          So I was told.

–          Do you know who he is?

–          The name didn’t ring a bell.


“It’s one of them, Nathaniel. A vampire.”


–          What?!? You… you let him in? What does he want?

–          He’s part of those who are civilized. Very sneaky and experienced though.

–          Still… Sam and mom are in the house, how can you…?


“He wants our support, he wouldn’t hurt them. And he’s on our territory. They’re not invincible, Nathaniel.”


“I’ll leave it to your judgment whether we can help him or not. Now go.”


–          You can leave us, Sen.

–          I’d rather stay right here.


–          …

–          That’s fine, I don’t mind his staying. Mr. Golzine, I presume?


–          Nathaniel Golzine. And you are Mr…?

–          Tristan de Lalaing, your humble servant.


–          Your father told me you have been informed about my condition and Mayor Wong’s big project. I will start under that assumption and cut it short.

–          Please do.


“A journalist came today ringing at my door and asked questions about my reasons for coming to this city, as it would, according to her, be part of a governmental strategy of some kind.”


“It looks to me quite vague. Who would believe them if they discovered the real reason anyway?”


“Would you like to take the risk? Public disclosure couldn’t come at a worst moment. I’m sure you know the wolf guardian is out of the city right now? If the media start sticking their nose in this business, the risk of misconduct is high.”


–          I’m sorry, but I fail to understand our role in this?

–          Yu Wong can’t be trusted, as demonstrated several times. I’d like to request your help to keep an idea on that Risa Parsons from the Daily Mail and make sure she doesn’t go and publish stories that would be detrimental for both our interests.


“Risa… Parsons?”


“Heh… of course…”


“I’m sorry it turned out like this, kid.”


“Have her followed. Let me know as soon as she tries again to contact one of them. I’ll deal with it myself.”




2 thoughts on “544 – Of Course

  1. I don’t know whether i should laugh or cry at the irony of this situation, Tristan asking Nate to take of his ex/baby mama. I wonder if Nate will get rid of Risa, or if he’ll try to talk her out of her story. I hope he does, he doesn’t seem like the violent kind. And I wonder if this is when he finds out about his son with her. OMG, I can just see the beginnings of incredible drama here, I can’t wait!

    • It’s actually a relief that Nate is involved at all. He’ll try to protect her from harm and make sure she doesn’t too much and becomes a target for someone else. But yeah, it is totally ironic that she should stick her nose in such a dangerous business. 🙂 She’s half-aware of the danger but for various reasons, she keeps on digging.

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