551 – Twisted

“Could this be…?”


“… the valley the witch mentioned? Can’t see a thing in this fog…”


“It certainly is in the middle of nowhere.”


“… no kidding?”


“It has to be it… the fairies’ hideout.”


“What the berry…?”


“Where does that… tingling come from?”


–          What the heck is that light?! I can’t move freely!

–          It will prevent you from doing anything harmful, human.


–          You… you are a fairy!

–          Correct. But wait… you are not a human. There’s something else in you. That would explain why you managed to go through our barriers.


“Anyway, come with me. Our queen will decide what to do with you.”


The blue light seemed to control Ralph’s movements as he began to walk automatically in the direction of a white castle.

–          How come I couldn’t see that castle, huge as it is?

–          That’s the whole purpose of our concealing charms.


“Queen Bee, that prowler is not human, which accounts for his breaking through our barrier.”


–          What is this?!

–          A werewolf, Buttercup. Unbind him and leave me alone with him.


–          Leave you…?! But he’s dangerous!

–          Don’t you worry about me. I am more powerful than all of you together. Go.


–          Much obliged.

–          Don’t thank me yet. I knew you’d try and find me someday. I suppose you want me to lift your curse?


–          Bingo. I’m glad we’re on the same wavelength.

–          Unfortunately, I have no intention of doing so. By cursing you, I made you a part of our world, and our secret became your secret.

–          Where is Gladys? I wanna see her.

–          Get up, wolf.


–          First of all, why do you want to see her?

–          You dare ask me why? We used to love each other, remember? I wanna know why she left me in that state. Why she followed you that day.


“Then you’ll have your answers. Come with me.”


–          While we’re walking, here’s a first answer for you. Gladys followed me because I made her. As you have yourself experienced, we fairies have the ability to bend wills to our needs.

–          I call that goddamn manipulative, but never mind.


“As to why she didn’t contact you…”


–          Juniper! You’re here again?

–          Queen Bee!


–          Get out please. My guest needs to talk with her.

–          Y… yes.


“Alright. Here is Gladys. I’m sure you understand now why she couldn’t move from this place.”


–          What do you mean ‘here’s Gladys’?… There’s no one here and…

–          Isn’t there a living creature in front of you? She is the tree.


“That was her punishment for getting entangled with you.”


–          You… turned her into a tree…? Just because of that?

–          Our very existence got in danger because of her curiosity. That set the example.


–          You fairies are vicious.

–          Think what you want. I protected my people.


“Another thing before I leave you with her: don’t imagine that I’ll let you go now that you know our location. You’re staying with us.”


–          Are you friggin’ kidding me?! I came all the way here to beg you to turn me back into a human for god’s sake!

–          You are now the only one of your kind. Werewolves have been extinct for centuries. Why would you refuse this?


“As a fairy queen, I’m the only one with the power to modify the essence of living creatures. I’m the only one who can grant your wish. Remember that.”


“You are twisted…”



2 thoughts on “551 – Twisted

  1. That Queen Bee is vicious, I get that she was protecting her people and all, but she can’t just play with people’s lives like that and turn them on a whim. She seems to have no regrets whatsoever about turning Ralph and Gladys. There has to be another way for Ralph to break the curse (not that I want him to stop being a werewolf of course).

    • No, she doesn’t regret anything. She acted for the greater good. If she hadn’t made her point clear, many other fairies would have tried to get in contact with humans. They are curious by nature.

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