555 – Powerless

“I have a bad feeling about this, Queen Bee.”


–          So you think granting his wish to be turned back into a human would be making a mistake?

–          I don’t know. I trust your judgment. However, I can’t help but feeling restless.


“I’ve asked you to come, wolf, in order to make a deal with you.”


“But there are a few things I need to ascertain first. Follow me.”


–          Do you have any idea why fairies can create werewolves?

–          As if I’d know…


“You’re the one who cursed me then left me stranded there. How was I supposed to know you had big things in mind for me, huh? Funny how you punished Gladys too, depriving her of any means of redeeming herself. Whatever you want me to do now, I don’t think a collaboration is worth considering.”


“Don’t go too fast. You know I’m the only one with the power to turn humans into werewolves. If you agree to my conditions, the outcome could be my formal promise to grant your wish.”


“As for that… things have changed and…”10296

“What a crucial and interesting piece of information.”


The voice, coming out of nowhere, made Ralph’s blood curl and instantly turn into his wolf form.

–          Who’s there?!

–          How…?


–          A vampire?

–          That’s impossible, they cannot enter our lair!


“I only have myself to blame for not thinking about that possibility. So fairies create werewolves, don’t they?”


“And you are the only one who has the power to do so!”


“Qu… Queen Bee…”


–          That’s… It can’t be…

–          Queen Bee, please wake up!


“What… was that just now?! What did you do?”


“I just got rid of a very dangerous hindrance. And I’m mighty glad of it too.”


Ralph was on the intruder in an instant. “You sneaky bastard!”


“If you really are a vampire, there’s nothing you can do against me! You’ll pay for this!”


“You foul creature, you don’t even know who you’re talking to.”


“Stay behind me! There’s something wrong with that guy.”


“Never fear, powerless creatures. Now that your annoying queen is dead, I have no use for you or your kind. There is no sense in killing you.”


“As for you, stinking wolf-man, rejoice for today is not the day you are supposed to die. Our paths will cross again.”


“Did he just… teleport? Who the hell was that guy?!”



4 thoughts on “555 – Powerless

  1. Now that is one bad ass vampire! Not sleek and smooth like Tristan, but very bad ass and old school. I like that. and I like him very much. Okay, I’m in two minds about this. On one hand I’m glad the Queen is dead, she seemed like a mean, self-serving bitch. On the other hand I’m a little sad for Ralph. Now his curse will never be broken, and he seems to have made an enemy out of Mr. Hot Vampire.

    • “Mr. Hot Vampire” is an age-old character I hadn’t introduced yet. 😀 But he’s been in my mind all this time and he’s got a whole backstory of his own. A lot more to come about him in the next few weeks!

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