556 – Natural Protectors

Bindweed was devastated and wouldn’t leave her queen’s side.


–          I’m sorry. I couldn’t do anything.

–          No one saw it coming. It all happened so quickly. Fairies do not die easily. That’s why we are so shocked.


“Maebhe! So it’s true…


–          Were you there, Juniper?

–          Yes, Bindweed will tell you what happened. I’m so sorry, Buttercup.


“This looks like a bad dream…”


–          I’m sorry, I can’t tell you how… I’m sorry…

–          Don’t worry, Bindweed. I’m sure you did your best.


“Oh Maebhe… I’m not ready yet.”


–          Come on, they obviously need to be left alone.

–          Right…


–          Buttercup will be the next Queen Bee. That’s why she was the only one allowed to call her “Maebhe” which means something between “mother” and “mistress”. Although in the end, we are all the queen’s children.

–          So queens have a replacement? I thought fairies didn’t die?

–          We can die of old age, but our lifespan is around a millennium. Queens always have someone close to them who can take their place in case something happens. Like today.


“I’m sorry for you. Queen Bee was about to make you a human. I don’t know if our new queen will be able to do that.”




–          Mr. Werewolf? Please excuse me, I barely took notice of you.

–          Buttercup!… I mean, Queen Bee…


“The ceremony will take place tomorrow. So for the moment, I’m still Buttercup.”


–          Bindweed told me that you tried to avenge Queen Bee’s death and that you protected her and Juniper. I’d like to thank you, on behalf of our people.

–          It was… I reacted instinctively. But you know, that creepy guy looked very upset that your queen could create werewolves like me. You should be careful, he might come after you now if he learns you are the heiress.


–          I heard that from Bindweed, but… to the extent of my current powers, I do not master the werewolf curse. Nor how to lift it. And I’m very sorry because I would have liked to thank you properly.

–          Yeah, well… I don’t think I wanna be turned back after all.


–          Please just give me some time! I’m sure I can do it, but I need more time…!

–          No, really! I’m just… not interested anymore. It feels too unfair.


“Gladys… Gladys does not have that opportunity. Why would it be only me?”


–          What will you do then…?

–          Go home. That guy said our paths will cross again, so I’ll wait for him.


“Well… this is goodbye then. Gladys…”


“Take care.”


–          Juniper, I have a final question…

–          Mmh?

–          Just before, the queen asked me if I knew why fairies could create werewolves. She died before explaining anything. Do you happen to know…?


“We made a pact with wolves centuries ago. Werewolves are meant to keep creatures of the dark at bay. In a way, you can say that werewolves are our natural protectors.”



2 thoughts on “556 – Natural Protectors

  1. This was a sad update. I didn’t like the Queen very much, but seeing how all the other faeries are so torn up over her death has made me really sad.

    For very selfish reasons I’m glad Ralph has decided against being turned back into a human, what he said about Gladys is true, but sad too. He must have really loved her, for him to give up his hope of ever becoming human again.

    I wonder if he’ll stay and protect the fairies or if he’ll move on and return back to his old life?

    Enjoyed the update very much.

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