560 – Back In Town

“Aaah… It’s good to be home at last.”


“Yeah, you gotta say those past few months have been like hell. You know, being every day with me and stuff. I understand your relief to finally see some loving faces around you.”


“Idiot. You know we’re going to move in together as soon as we both got a job. Don’t you dare get all needy now.”


–          But I’m in need! I’m in danger in fact, my life source is going to be taken away from me! C’mon baby, give me at least a kiss…

–          Wait! Where does that music come from?…


–          What music…? Oh, that? There’s someone playing guitar somewhere, that’s all… What about my kiss?

–          That sounds strangely familiar…


“Em… ily…? Baby?” *sigh*


“I knew it…”


–          Tim, you’ve grown so much!

–          Sis!! You’re back?! For real?!


–          Was that a retake on dad’s older songs? It was good, you little rascal!

–          Yeah, I started learning guitar. He’s got plenty of materials.


–          By the way, shouldn’t you be at school right now?

–          I was going to! I just, you know… inspiration came and I felt like playing and…

–          Right.


–          Erm… mom and dad are away. They went to that charity event thingy early this morning. They’ll be back this afternoon.

–          You’re cute, little bro. Changing the subject and hoping I wouldn’t notice. Don’t worry, I won’t stick my nose in your business.


“Huh… sis? Not that I mean to change the subject again but… there’s a weird guy staring at us behind you.”


“That would be my boyfriend, Noah. He just came back from SU with me.”


“So that’s the little brother, huh?…”


–          Now that you’ve got your miniature bodyguard, I can leave you with a serene heart.

–          Thanks for coming all the way here.

–          Happy to be your luggage carrier.


“Geez… Will I ever get that kiss, you heartless wench?”




–          And you know… if you’ve forgotten to say something, even something trivial like ‘I love you’, you know my number.

–          I love you, stoopid.


“See ya around.”


–          I don’t like that guy.

–          I didn’t like him at first either. But he’s actually quite endearing when you get to know him. Come on, Tim, don’t judge too fast. Besides, he’s Belinda’s boyfriend’s brother.


–          Really?… You know Belinda’s moved in with him, right?

–          Of course, they’re engaged I believe? She was too excited last time I had her over the phone, I could barely figure out what she was saying.

–          Yeah, she’s been waiting for your return to get married. Anyway, you can have the bedroom to yourself now.


–          Oh, I won’t stay for long. Just the time for me to find a job, and then I’ll get an apartment.

–          On your own?

–          With Noah, silly.

–          Oh…

–          Weren’t you about to go to school?



2 thoughts on “560 – Back In Town

  1. Lol @ Noah trying to get some. Guys will say anything and everything just to get laid, but I like how cute they are with each other. And Tim has got to be the cutest teenage boy I’ve seen.

    • Noah always wants the same thing anyway! 😀 I love him and Emily. She’s just cold enough to leave him wanting more.

      And Tim will be a hit. 🙂 At least I hope so!

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