562 – Fucked Up

–          Man, what’s that piece of junk?

–          Shut it, you don’t know anything.


–          Real question is, why are you still banging on that wreck when we’ve come over for the evening?

–          Gotta finish this first.


–          Aww, fuck you Seth, you’re bloody boring!

–          What’s eating them?

–          Seth is obsessed by that old car. Never mind that he spent all our money God knows where, he says he’s gonna make loads of cash with his wreck.


“Oh wow, Cordelia, you can walk already! Come here see auntie!”


“Yaay! Atta girl!”


“You’re so cute, I want one just like you!”


–          Are you done any time soon? I haven’t got all night.

–          What’s up with you? You’re even more of a pest than usual.


–          There’s something I gotta ask you.

–          Shoot.

–          Not like that.


–          Geez… c’mon, what is it?

–          Well… you know Daisy and I have a hard time making ends meet, don’t ya?

–          Is that money you want?

–          No… I was thinking…


“Since you and Carmen are in, sort of, the same situation… maybe we could, you know? Share a house?”


–          …

–          I don’t like it either, lemme tell you.


–          Is it that bad, Daisy?

–          Yeah… since Cordelia has arrived, we can barely make it.


“That’s why you should think twice before getting knocked-up. It literally swallows up all your money.”


–          But if we lived together, the problem is solved, isn’t it? I’d be able to have a child with Seth too!

–          I think you underestimate the issue here…


“We’ll be roomies! How cool is that?!”


–          Does it pay that bad to be a cop?

–          A traffic cop like me doesn’t get much, and Daisy’s only working part-time. You’ll see when you have a brat.

–          Eh. Carmen is persistent, but no way we’re gonna have one now. She couldn’t spare money if her life depended on it.


–          All kidding aside, I earn big bucks now, so in few months’ time, with my savings and this lady here, I’m gonna be much more comfortable. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to help you out.

–          Screw you. What’s your job anyway?

–          Sales. Sort of.

–          You, a salesman? You gotta be joking.


–          It… would be better if we lived with them…

–          Can we talk later?


“But Seth… you know… I’ve been off the pill for some time now.”


“What… did you just say?”


–          You… you never said anything against it when I told you I wanted a child.

–          I told you to trust me!


–          Ooh shit, Carmen… what did you do?

–          Hey, sometimes it takes months to get pregnant! I thought…

–          You’d better not be.


–          You never say anything! I thought it was okay…

–          Yeah well, it’s not.


–          Even if I’m pregnant, it’s gonna be alright! We’ll be with Adrian and Daisy and they’ll…

–          It’s not about that. You had to fuck it up, hadn’t you?


–          I’ll get some pregnancy tests in the morning…

–          Yeah, you do that and fucking leave me alone.



4 thoughts on “562 – Fucked Up

  1. Carmen though…I just want to shake her senseless. I mean really, the man’s told her he doesn’t want kids, and on top of that they are barely making it financially. What the hell was she thinking? Was it some way for her to hang on to Seth? For both their sake she’d better hope that pregnancy test comes back negative. If it’s not, I foresee a lot of resentment in her future.

    • Well technically, Seth never told her he didn’t want kids. He just didn’t tell her anything. And she’d been waiting for so long, they’re almost at the Adult stage now. But yeah, that was a bad decision to take on her own, and that’s what Seth is angry about.

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