572 – Weak

–          Mother?

–          Don’t call me ‘mother’, it sounds so cold. What is it, Hugo?


“Father is screaming. Make him stop.”


–          What do you mean, screaming? Is he angry?

–          He went to lie down and now he’s screaming, I don’t know. But it’s noisy.


Panic gripped Eve’s heart. “He lies down and he screams?…”


By the time she came running to Tristan’s room, it was over and Tristan had obviously tried to get up. “Tristan! What happened?!”


–          I keep on having those dreams…

–          Dreams?… You mean…? You fall asleep?


Eve helped him into a seat.

–          Tristan, were you asleep? That shouldn’t be possible.

–          It’s a kind of trance in which… memories pass in front of my eyes…


“Memories… of that time…”


“What time?” Eve asked. Tristan just shook his head and remained silent.

–          Did you ever see those dreams before?

–          No!! Never… I thought… I thought I had forgotten…


“Tristan…” – “Why is he suffering so much?”


And grabbing her suddenly… “Eve, please! You can’t leave me!”


“I’ll let you go to the cemetery. I’ll let you see your daughter, and even Cain if you want. But please, don’t leave me alone… I’m begging you.”


“You are weak, Father.”


–          Hugo! Go back to your room, you’ve said enough!

–          No Eve, let him be…


–          But…

–          He’s right. I’m weak.



2 thoughts on “572 – Weak

  1. Lol @ Hugo’s face when he told Tristan he’s weak, that look of disgust tho! And what is up with Tristan and his dreams, I’m guessing it’s some kind of haunting that involves Eve, her daughter and Cain?

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