574 – Banana Potion

–          How about that then?

–          You only send off sparkles, but you’re doing it well.


–          Stop making fun of me!

–          Impress me, then.


–          Here! Runes!

–          That’s well…. *cough cough*


“… Are you okay?” Pippa asked worriedly. “Just something stuck down my throat, never mind.” Ms. Rosencrantz replied between two fits of coughing.




“Your potion is ready.”


–          Are you sure you have closed the door behind you? She can’t come in?

–          I am positive, ma’am.


“Good. There’s no need for her to know about my condition.”


–          Ma’am, I feel it my duty to remind you that this is the last time…

–          I know!


“Last time I can extend my existence… how could I forget?”


“Bleah… adding a banana this time didn’t help.”


–          Ugh… I’m quite relieved this is the last time.

–          Once you depart to the afterlife, you will not taste anything, good or bad.

–          Old news, Bonehilda.


“Pfff… she’s again doing some secret stuff I can’t participate in…”



2 thoughts on “574 – Banana Potion

  1. No. Tell me it ain’t so. Tell me you are not planning on getting rid of Martha. I wasn’t too sure about her in the beginning, but she’s grown on me over the past few updates, and she’s become one of my favorite characters. I don’t know how Pippa will cope without her.

    How long does the potion extend her life for?

    • I’m sorry for you because her time will soon be up. 😦 She has been taking the potion for quite a while now.
      She was already an old lady when Theo was a young man.

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