577 – D-Day

–          Oh yes, yes! That one! I want that venue!

–          Bel, it’s too expensive…


–          But it’s my wedding, it’s gotta be fantastic…

–          It will be. There are cheaper venues that are just as nice. You don’t need a big one, there are not many guests.


–          Try calling this one. The price is much more reasonable.

–          Okay…


“I guess Alex’s right. The only thing that matters is my dress.”


“Yes, hello? I’d like to book your venue for my wedding.”


–          Hm, live music? Oh yes, that would be nice… The buffet? Can we have lobster?

–          Bel…




–          Hey little bro.

–          Hey sis.

–          We’ll catch up later.

–          Sure.



“Geez, her old man keeps staring at me… Must be pissed off that I fuck his daughter or something.”


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And while Emily was hugging Belinda…

–          So how are things going?

–          Have found a job and am going to move in with Emily.

–          You? Move in with a girl? My God, this is serious.


“I know, right? I’ll make the introductions, hold on.”


–          So baby, I’d like you to meet my sister.

–          Your famous sister?

–          The one and only.


–          If you don’t like each other, I don’t care, okay? She’s family and you’re, well… my girl.

–          What does that mean, stoopid?


–          If she manages to tame you, she must be something. Don’t worry, I have a good feeling about her.

–          Hey, I tamed her, not the other way round!


–          If he becomes too much to handle, you have my blessing to dump him.

–          Thanks for the advice.


Noah and Josh talked about the future. Or not.

–          Bel and I will be making such cute babies!

–          Don’t breed too much though, it could be dangerous for society.


While Emily spent some quality time with her little brother.

–          I’ve heard you’ll be playing in their honor later tonight.

–          That came last-minute. Bel wanted live music and a band was too expensive. You know how she is, she had to have her way…


–          Don’t turn your nose up at a little glory!

–          Some glory! Hey, you’ll be dancing with me, right? I’d rather you dance with me than with your dork.

–          Tim… you’re annoying.


As promised… (Alex looks a bit lost)


Jessie was the only child, but he had his share of fun.


Surprisingly, Stella and Jacob hit it off. Maybe that will help Jacob accepting Noah a bit more.


Earlier that afternoon, teenage Jessica Lazlo has had her heart set on Noah.


So at the first opportunity…

–          Hi there.

–          Mmh?


She instantly began to blabber.


“*internal yawn* Does she ever stop to breathe?”


–          So you agree?

–          Mmh? Yeah, sure.

–          Cool! Let’s go to the dance floor then.


“Oh fuck. I’m not into kids…”


“Just effin’ great…”


–          Jessica! What are you doing?

–          We’re only dancing mum!… Sorry, it’s my mum, she’s a pain…

–          Hehe… We’d better leave it as that.


Later, everyone gathered to listen to Tim’s mini-concert. Proud dad on the right.

10824 10825 10826

–          He’s improved again. My little bro is the best.

–          Yeah… and I love you.


–          What was that?

–          Are your ears playing tricks on you?


–          Yasmine, our boy will be a hit someday, I can tell you.

–          Like you then?

–          Much better.


Obviously it was a success.

10830 10831


4 thoughts on “577 – D-Day

  1. Lol @ “Don’t breed too much though, it could be dangerous for society.” Gotta love Noah’s sense of humor.

    I’m glad Belle’s day turned out great, and she looked in her wedding attire. So did the groom. I don’t doubt for a sec they’ll make cute babies.

    • Noah and Josh are twins but Noah got all the brains. 😀 Belinda and Josh are both really stupid, they’ll probably make cute but stupid babies!

  2. Loved it 🙂 Jacob’s stare was funny…. Poor Noah doesn’t know what he is in for with a girlfriend and a sister getting along so well 🙂 She can dump him. hahahaha Timothy is adorable.

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