579 – How It Was Supposed To Be

Although she had promised Seth she would take a pregnancy test, Carmen had been too scared to do it. Except that he didn’t touch her anymore, everything was back to normal. Seth had never talked much anyway. He was out most of the day, sometimes a large part of the night. They never broached the topic again.


But she had now felt nauseous for a few days.


“Don’t jump to conclusions. It can be something you ate, Carmen.”


Truth was, she was dead scared now that it became real.


“That’s not how it was supposed to be… I wanted it to be a happy thing…”


No need for a pregnancy test anymore. She felt it in her body. “Seth?”


–          What?

–          I… I’ve got…




“Never mind, it’s nothing.”


The next day, she was visiting houses with Daisy, so that they could find a place that would accommodate the five of them.

–          Three bedrooms, is that enough?

–          What, you want a fourth one for the butler we can’t afford?


–          Anyway, Carmen… This house is too expensive. Have you seen how big it is?

–          I know… But we gotta have a third bedroom at least, right? For Cordelia… or maybe more.


–          Oh, you mean Seth finally wants a kid?

–          Erm… I don’t think he does, but then again, who knows what’s going on in his head?


–          That’s why I’ve… sort of stopped waiting for him.

–          Wait, what? What do you mean?


–          I’ve decided to stop taking the pill. And now I’m pregnant.

–          Oh my God… Does he know yet?

–          No, I can’t tell him. It’s too hard.


–          Carmen, you have to tell him. You can’t hide it forever.

–          He knows about my decision and he was so angry about it… He doesn’t even want to get close to me now.


“Carmen, no matter how angry he is, he’s got to know about it. And he has to deal with it too. My pregnancy came as a surprise for Adrian and me too, but in the end…”


–          … in the end, we’re stuck in deep shit.

–          I’m scared, Daisy. What about the house we’re supposed to hire together?

–          Forget about that for now, talk to Seth first, okay?


When he was home, he worked on his car.


Carmen cleared her throat: “Seth, I’ve got to tell you something…”


–          The same thing you tried to say yesterday?

–          Huuh… yes, but…


“You’re pregnant, right?”


–          How did you…?

–          Think I’m stupid or what?


–          Yeah, I’m pregnant… Are you angry…?

–          Of course I’m angry.

–          What are we going to do?

–          It’s already solved. I bought a lot.


–          You what?!

–          I bought a lot with three trailers on it. It’s small, mind you, but there’s enough space for that shitty cop and his family.


–          But Seth… mortgage is…

–          I didn’t make a loan. If I had had more time, I could’ve bought a bigger lot.


–          Wait, you HAD all that money?! Your bike, your stupid old car,… and now a LOT?! Just how much did you have?!

–          None of your business. If I let you manage the money here, you’d just squander it.


–          But that’s crazy! Where does all this money come from?! It can’t be legal!

–          Then again, none of your business. You should rather be grateful we won’t have to pay a rent anymore and you and your child won’t starve to death.


–          That’s your child too! Fuck it, Seth! What are you doing all day and night?! I don’t even know who you are anymore!

–          Is that why you went and decided to have a child by yourself?


–          I… I wanted a child and you knew it.

–          Maybe you could’ve trusted me when I asked you to.

–          How can I trust you? I don’t even know what you do for a living.


“I follow my father’s footsteps.”

10878 10879

“Didn’t he die in a car accident?! You’ve never told me who he was!”

10880 10881

“Hey man.”


–          What’s that?

–          Your tenancy agreement.


–          My what?

–          I bought a lot and I’m renting one of the trailers on it to you at a friendly price. Whaddya think?


–          You… paid cash, it says.

–          Yup. What’s it to you?

–          You seem to have an awful lot of money…


–          Where does it come from?

–          Nothing a cop who’s got money issues and renting a trailer from me should know about.

–          Seth, you are…


“Fine. I don’t care what you do. It’s not as if I was conscientious.”



4 thoughts on “579 – How It Was Supposed To Be

  1. Oh boy Carmen! I don’t know what to say. I’m happy she’s pregnant, but at the same time knowing how Seth feels about the whole thing, I can’t help be be sad and mad at her the same time. It takes two, yes, but she shouldn’t have misled Seth into thinking she’s on birth control when in fact she wasn’t.

    Seth…I wonder what he does for a living, like Carmen I bet it’s nothing legal.

    I love your witty sense of humor, it shines through beautifully in your writing and gives your characters so much personality.

    • Seth’ job is no secret to readers: he’s working for Nathaniel Golzine! 😀 So yeah, nothing legal indeed.

      And thanks so much for your kind comment, I’m really touched… It made my day!

  2. I wonder where the spunky Carmen that Seth fell for went to? I think he is also wondering the same thing. I am on his side in this since she took any decisions away from him in regard to a family. He is quiet about his work for her own good, although she doesn’t realise it. He is not very eloquent with his words, and she knew that, so she needs to chill. Now she has made a bit of a mess.

    • You’re right about that, Carmen has changed as she grew older. She thought life would be easy, but it’s not. She also had that romantic notion that she would change Seth, make him open up to her, and now that she realizes it won’t happen, she has some issues dealing with it. Now her spunk has become stubbornness leading to bad decisions.

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