584 – Truth and Peace


“Erm… ”




–       I must have been drowsing for a moment.

–       You should go back inside, you’ll catch a cold.

–       I’m not that frail.


–       Come with me, Sen. Keep me company. I want to stay outside a while longer.

–       Sure…


–       Tell me again, how long have you been working for the family?

–       37 years, sir.

–       How time flies.


–       Do you have any regrets?

–       I don’t, sir. I never look back.

–       True. That’s what I like about you.


–       I think I’ve never thanked you for… you know, buying me?

–       What an ugly word. I only used money as a bail.


–       It is a fine night.

–       It really is…


–       Before I disappear from this earth, there is one thing I have to know. And I need to hear it from you. I’m sure you can guess what it is.

–       Yes…


“Did you kill my mentor, Cedric Corcoran?”


“I did.”


“You’re so beautiful, grandma. You don’t look like a grandma at all.”


–       Oh Sammy… That’s because I’m younger than most grandma’s.

–       Even when you’re older, I’m sure you’ll still be beautiful.


–       You’re so sweet. Why aren’t you in your bed? Your grandpa will get angry if he sees you’re not asleep yet.

–       Well… dad has gone somewhere, off to work I think, and mum says she doesn’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night when he’s back, so she’s sleeping in the guest room.

–       And so…?


–       I don’t know. I don’t like it.

–       Oh sweetie, are you afraid for your parents?

–       They don’t get along these days…

–       Get under the sheets, honey.


–       What if I read you a little story? Would you like that?

–       I’d love it, grandma.

–       What book are you reading now?

–       I’m at chapter 17 of Book 3 of ‘War and Peace’.

–       Erm… okay.


–       You… you sure you want me to read that?

–       Don’t worry, chapters are quite short.


Sam wasn’t fooled by her grandmother’s kind attempt to distract her thoughts.


But she enjoyed listening to her voice.


And slowly surrendered to sleep.


“I’m so sorry for you, little soul… Be strong.”


“Ange? You’re still up? You should be resting.”


–       Shhh… Don’t talk so loud. I had a surprise guest.

–       A guest?


“Hmph, I see. She’ll have to move, it’s not good to spoil her.”


But Sam didn’t go to her own bed.


“Smells like dad…”


At the break of dawn…




–       Dad… you’re back…

–       Yes, I’m back. What are you doing here? There will be an uproar if they don’t find you in your bed in a few hours. Come on, I’ll carry you.


“But… it was too sad to think you’d be back and mom wouldn’t be there…”


–       I’m tired…

–       Shh, just go back to sleep then.


“You think too much. I wish you had not taken that bad habit from me.”



4 thoughts on “584 – Truth and Peace

  1. Theo’s honest with Sen was refreshing, I somehow expected him to beat around the bush and deny everything. But then again he’s old, and he’s nearing the end I suppose, so he really has nothing left to lose by telling the truth.

    Sammy, I have such high hopes for her. I can’t wait to see her all grown up and take over her family’s empire.

    • Sorry, I don’t think my dialogues were very clear here. It was actually Sen who admitted having killed Theo’s mentor, all those years ago. At that time, he had told Theo that Cedric didn’t survive their fight (he was an old man and his head got hit hard). But the truth that is revealed here is that Sen just ended him right there and then. Probably on Yu Wong’s orders, because he had become useless in countering Theo, and potentially dangerous if he decided to side with him after all. Theo has always suspected the truth, but has decided to overlook it because he liked Sen. But indeed, with old age creeping in, he just needs to get it off his chest.
      As for Sam, I’m like you. I’m really looking forward to see her get older. She’s such a character!

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