585 – White Lie

– Remedial courses?

– Yeah, you know how my notes have been bad lately?

– To say the least…


– Well, the teacher thought it would be good for me to have remedial courses every day after school.

– Huh-huh. What subjects are concerned by those courses?

– Well erm… a bit of everything. There’s not much I’m good at anyway.


“Fine with me. But it doesn’t take out the fact that you’re grounded and that you have to go home immediately after your courses, is that clear?”


“Perfectly clear, sir…”


“Remedial courses, my foot!… I wasn’t born yesterday, son.”


– Jacob, why are you smiling to yourself?

– It’s nothing, Yas. Your food is delicious, that’s why.


“I… I think I’m lost.”


Of course, there never were remedial courses to begin with. That time was spent in the school basement with Kyle, first of all for auditions in order to find a drummer.

– What’s your name?

– Ulrich.

– Ok Ulrich, we’re listening. Amaze us.


– That audition is not exactly a success…

– What did you expect? Thought it’d be easy?


– And you know… we haven’t decided anything about the singer yet.

– What, but I told you that you could do it! Your voice is nice enough.


– I’m already playing the guitar, and I don’t feel comfortable doing both.

– Listen mate, a good singer is even harder to find than an average drummer. It’s what makes the band after all. Let’s go with your voice for now, alrighty?


– I think we’ve found our third member, mate.

– Agreed.


They soon joined Ulrich for a bit of impro.


Without realizing they had an audience.


“Fine, I’ll close my eyes for now, little genius.”



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