589 – All Wrong

*knock knock* – “Come on in.”


– Can Mr. Superbusy Golzine spare five minutes for me?

– I’m leaving in 15 minutes but tell me.


– I’m sorry, should I have taken an appointment?

– Stop it with the irony, and spill the beans already.


– You’re right, I should spare you. Especially since I’m about to ask for a favor.

– A favor? Ok, now you have my attention.


– You know how I’ve never come up with an answer to the question ‘What am I going to do with my life’?

– Oh, that discussion…


– Yeah well, I know it’s hard to figure out for someone as perfect as you, but it’s not easy being talentless. There’s nothing I can do, and whatever the option, I see myself failing miserably.

– Are you still being ironic or are you actually serious this time?

– Let me ignore that. So it occurred to me that… instead of starting something of my own and making a fool of myself, the best solution would be to work for you.


– Beg your pardon?

– Like, you know, partners in crime or something?

– Now I know you can’t be serious. When I told you I could help, that’s not what I had in mind. It’s out of the question, Ivy.


– What are you afraid of? I’ve recently been taking shooting lessons, you know. I’m not that clumsy with a gun anymore.

– That’s not the problem.


“I don’t want anything to happen to you.”


“Very cute, Nate. But it’s not the answer I expected. I’ll have to take drastic measures.”

1114911150 11151

– What are you doing exactly?

– I’m bribing you.

– N… not a chance.

– I like that hesitation. It’s going in the right direction.


– The answer will still be ‘no’, even after I’m done with you.

– Can’t you see that I’m the one in control here?


“I doubt it. You have no idea how much I’ve missed you, Ivy.”


“This is all part of my scheme, dumbass. ”


“At least that part worked, I owe you that…”

1115711158 11159 11160

“Hey boss, the car’s…”


“Oops, sorry, didn’t know you were busy.”


“Darn, that guy… He’s never learned how to knock on a door.”


– I should use the security locking system more often, but I never expected to be in this situation…

– It’s okay…


“I offer you my apologies. I’m glad we were interrupted. I don’t like your idea, neither do I like the whole concept of manipulation. I only hope you didn’t throw yourself at me only because you wanted a positive answer.”


– I’d rather be considered manipulative than a delicate little thing that has to be protected.

– Ivy, you’ve got the wrong idea about me.

– You’ve got it all wrong as well. Go. Your car’s waiting.



4 thoughts on “589 – All Wrong

  1. Bad timing, Seth! Bad timing!

    I enjoyed their banter, they are still my favorite couple those two. And I sure hope Ivy wasn’t serious when she said she wants to take on a more active role in Nate’s questionable businesses!

    • Oh Ivy was really serious! 🙂
      I really like their relationship too, but I hope I managed to show here that it’s been somehow corrupted recently. There is a lack of trust that keeps building on.

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